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  • 02/26/14--12:50: UPYR – Altars/Tunnels ...
  • From the non-existent doom metal scene in Bulgaria emerged a five piece band in the Winter of 2012. They released a DIY album in the first week of December, 2013, establishing that there is a place in Bulgaria where doom belongs.

    The artwork for Altars/Tunnels is simple and doomful. This band reminds me of Reverend Bizarre in lots of mini ways until the vocals come alive. I am a personal fan of their artwork because it looks like it’s on stone, while a simple crescent moon accents their logo. Artwork is courtesy of Nikolas Petras.

    Their first track, “Before the Altars of Necrotic Karma” starts off slow, building up with slow drumming and heavy guitar riffs. The vocals surprised me, because it sounds like something Cough would produce. Needless to say, it goes well with the instrumentals.  Second to arrive is, “Into the Tunnels of My Sleep”. Lovely soft vocals introduce you to a sinister dark journey of lucid dreams.

    A mix of the occult with the most vulnerable state(sleeping) a creature can be in. Throughout the song, there are times where you think it stops, but then it goes right back into being within that closed tunnel. An album that is the Bulgarian equivalent of Cough’s “Ritual Abuse”.

    Favourite Track: Hymn to Pan

    Overall Rating: 7.5-8/10

    Record Label: Serpent Eve Records

    Line Up:
    Brodnik – Vocals
    Spasm – Guitar
    Vedmak – Guitar
    V.B. – Drums
    Mora – Bass

    Official: Offical Facebook

    Words: Chylde of Fire

    Listen to “Altars/Tunnels” Here:  Bandcamp

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    Lament Cityscape released a two track EP on New Year’s Day from the sunny and ghetto Oakland area. This four piece drone band also like to consider their sound by, “Larva Rock” as well. Simple cover and photography, my initial thought was something similar to Cloudkicker or The Ocean. Wouldn’t have been my taste, but giving them a listen could easily change one’s mind.

    “This Has Always Been” is an almost six minute instrumental introduction. When you really think about the message conveyed, it’s a way of saying, “It never changed, you did. You see things differently although it hasn’t changed.” Their other track, “Sewn Into Our Palm” is where pure majestic creation builds up and takes form.

    Easy enough to play in the beginning, until beautiful complexity of the drums and guitar become aligned.  This is something you could get lost in, forget superficial surroundings, and see souls and nature’s particles. A way to see how the ocean intertwines with life.

    Favourite Track: Sewn Into Our Palm

    Overall Rating: 8.5/10

    Line Up:
    Mike McClatchey
    Scott Weiser
    Dave Small
    Ben Everett

    Listen to The First Son of The Final Son:HERE

    Words: Chylde of Fire

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    THE SKULL, the new band featuring original members of American doom metal legends TROUBLE — Eric Wagner (vocals) and Jeff "Oly" Olson (drums) —alongside longtime TROUBLE bassist Ron Holzner and SACRED DAWN guitarist Lothar Keller, has inked a deal with Tee Pee Records, the New York City record label known for releasing landmark albums from acts such as HIGH ON FIRE, GRAVEYARD, EARTHLESS and SLEEP.

    THE SKULL recently recorded two songs with acclaimed producer/engineer Billy Anderson (MELVINS, NEUROSIS) which will see the light of day this spring. "Sometime Yesterday Mourning" is a doomy metal song written by Keller, Holzner and Wagner that showcases the genre pioneers' distinct style while "The Last Judgement" is a "revisiting" of the classic TROUBLE song of the same name that originally appeared on the classic 1983 "Metal Massacre IV" compilation album.

    "I think 'Sometime Yesterday Mourning' is the perfect song for THE SKULL to lead with and there's a reason why it was the first song we completed as a band," commented Wagner. "It's about coming to a point in life when it's just time for a new beginning, a fresh start if you will, and finally coming to terms with the past.

    "Being that it is the 30th anniversary of the release of the song 'The Last Judgement'— the first song we ever released — we thought it fit perfectly for the B-side and considering what 'Sometime Yesterday Mourning' is about, it made sense to me. You have to go through your past to get to your future."

    THE SKULL will follow the release of the new songs with its debut full length LP, tentatively slated for release this autumn.

    THE SKULL is:

    Eric Wagner - vocals
    Jeff Olson - drums
    Ron Holzner - bass
    Lothar Keller - guitar

    Source: Blabbermouth

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    Portland sludge bringers, STONEBURNER, today reveal their first audiovisual insight into the sounds that propel their forthcoming full-length, Life Drawing. Who better to visualize their desolate, down-tuned blues than Kenneth Thomas, director of Blood, Sweat & Vinyl,  the captivating documentary about independent music, as told through the eyes of some forward thinking labels, including Neurot Recordings, home of STONEBURNER.

    This video teaser opens with a quote from A.A Milne whilst the lurching bassline of "Caged Bird" sets the scene. J.J. Shirey's dark artwork is featured prominently making sure our eye is cast over every moment, until we're confronted with raw live footage of the band performing album highlight, "An Apology To A Friend In Need," replete with their patented magma-thick riffs and subterranean growls. Overall, a great indicator of what listeners can expect from the upcoming full-length as we edge closer to release date.

    View the trailer at THIS LOCATION

    Recorded, mixed and produced by Fester at Haywire Studios, mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering -- both in Portland -- and swathed in the visually abrasive cover art of J.J. Shirey, Life Drawing promises to hurl STONEBURNER's habitually chest-caving sludge mantras to entirely new realms of earth-deteriorating heaviness. STONEBURNER features a persuasive musical ancestry that winds through Buried At Sea, Buried Blood, Heathen Shrine and others. An array of talented individuals also contribute guest vocals including Benjamin Caragol (Burials/Hang the Old Year), Joshua Greene (Bastard Feast, Ephemeros), and Krysta Martinez (Transient/Landmine Marathon).

    Life Drawing will be available in North America via Neurot Recordings on April 15, 2014, (April 14 in the UK/EU).

    For STONEBURNER/Neurot Recordings info in North America contact, in Germany contact, and across the rest of Europe contact

    Neurot Recordings
    Neurot Recordings | Facebook

    Source: Earsplit PR

    Posted By Ed DooMM@nti@

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    LORD MANTIS today dispatches the first wave of audio violence from their impending third full-length, Death Mask, nearing release via Profound Lore this Spring.

    Delivering some of the most bottom-dredging, soulless, nihilistic metal imaginable, built of the most slamming chords and grueling buildups and penetrated from every side with the most corrosive vocal tirades, the Chicago-based anti-life quartet truly lives by a code of depravity within a wealth of anti-human views. The members' hatred for the world exists even within the unit; turmoil within the ranks of LORD MANTIS is a constant factor. Outspoken bassist/vocalist Charlie Fell is the first to admit this, and lends a bit of insight into the clan's contemptuous scrutiny of our decaying society in an exclusive feature today at Vice Magazine's music outlet, Noisey, running alongside a premiere of "Body Choke," the opening aggressor from Death Mask. Warning; this is not for the feeble at heart... the tune or the feature.

    Have your day fully ruined by LORD MANTIS and Noisey with "Body Choke" now playing RIGHT HERE

    Death Mask will see release on April 29th, the band's first release for Profound Lore Records. LORD MANTIS has culminated their contempt for humankind and some of the most horrific personal experiences over recent years into an exceptionally malevolent entity on Death Mask. Dredging forth their most disturbing works yet, and unleashing something far darker even than their iniquitous prior LP's released via Seventh Rule and Candlelight, the visceral punishment one will endure on the seven works of Death Mask is not for the weak. The fifty-minute album was recorded with Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Yob) at Chicago-based Electrical Audio and Soma Studios, also responsible for engineering both prior albums. Indian's guitarist/vocalist Dylan O'Toole also contributed additional vocals on two of the tracks on Death Mask, adding yet another dose of nihilism to the record, which bears the warped cover art of tattooist/musician Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Twilight).

    Amidst regional shows over the coming months, LORD MANTIS will tour out to the East Coast confirmed to raid this year's Martyrdoom in NYC alongside Mournful Congregation, Lycus, Vilkacis and Evoken on July 1st -- one of the massive five days of the event. The full tour routing will be announced in the coming days.

    Review copies of Death Mask and interviews with LORD MANTIS will be available worldwide in the coming weeks via; stay frosty.

    Official Website
    Profound Lore | Official Website
    Profound Lore | Facebook

    Source: Earsplit PR
    Posted By Ed DooMM@nti@

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     This is the final installment of the series

    Texas isn’t hell, but it sure feels like it in the summer. With heat so hot that it’s vomit-inducing, the dry, brown, and scrubby plains of the Lone Star State would make even the most ardent atheist believe in a fiery netherworld. Unsurprisingly, this landscape breeds a type of tough guy nihilism - a beer-drinking, hell-raising brand of negative reinforcement. As much as Texans are keen on promoting their state with silly little mottos and belt buckles the size of Liechtenstein, the truth is that most of the things that come out of Texas are hard-boiled. Texan literature, for instance, is full of blood and guts, and for the most part this violence comes with no lasting sense of resolution. When Robert E. Howard, a son of Cross Plains and the founder of sword and sorcery, talked about his fellow Texans, he always mentioned them in the same breath as the ancient Celtic and Germanic warriors of pre-Christian Europe. To him, the wildcat oilmen of rural Texas weren’t the embodiment of the vulture-like impulses of capitalism (that would’ve been Upton Sinclair’s view), but rather they were the barbaric descendants of the Suebi - that large Germanic tribe that the Roman historian Tacitus described as nomadic tribesmen without any ties to the land.

    While Howard often saw Texas as a strange and noble land, later Texas authors like Jim Thompson and Patricia Highsmith saw the state as the “genus loci” of American savagery. From small town murder to the art of concealed identity, Texas became the byword for New World grit and grime.

    Speaking personally, I come from a long line of Texans, with a grandfather and father who were both born in the Big T. As a kid, my grandfather used to pepper me with stories about ranch life in the western portion of the state. Most of his tales involved hunting rattlesnakes or laying waste to steaks the size of ships, while others hinted at the enormous amount of fun he had playing football for Texas Tech or working on tanks for the Army at Fort Sam Houston. But, when the night would get dark and the campfire would pick up, he’d let slip a few bits that were quite ugly: neighbors in the Ku Klux Klan, debauched trips to Mexico, and buried bodies out in the prairies. These were the stories that I latched on to, for they gave the lonely Texas nights a deep mystery.

     Finding mystery and even fear in wide open spaces is nothing new, and concurrent with society’s push towards urbanization is an increase in the level of distrust between urban dwellers and rural denizens. The early Christians felt this, and their use of the word “pagan” (which has an etymology that stretches back to the time before Christ and was originally used as military jargon) often came with a devout disdain for country dwellers and their adherence to the old beliefs. The Puritans of New England were similar, and they kept to the shores and their houses because they believed that demons plagued the dark forests of Massachusetts.

    “Race with the Devil,” a muscular action flick with occult trappings, doesn’t seem like something that’s aware of this history. Nevertheless, the script, which was written by Wes Bishop and Lee Frost, plays on the continuing distinctions between civilization and barbarism. Furthermore, while director Jack Starrett (who is best remembered for his portrayal of Gabby Johnson in “Blazing Saddles”) probably made “Race with the Devil” in order to get a quick buck, this film works as a social commentary that highlights the pervasive cynicism of the 1970s. It was after all the decade that saw a Criminal-in-Chief (Nixon), a bumbling and ultimately deadly attempt to manage American decline (Carter), and the not-so-glorious end of a war in Asia. George Santayana once said that “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Maybe doom metal’s appreciation for the 1970s is more than an aesthetic. Maybe, just maybe, doomsters focus on the 1970s because they don’t like how that decade has been repeating itself since 2001.

    These big question diversions aside, “Race with the Devil” is mostly an enjoyable action film that contains plenty of high-speed chases and gratuitous exploitation. Centered on two couples- Roger (Peter Fonda) and Kelly Marsh (Lara Parker) and Frank (Warren Oates) and Alice Stewart (Loretta Swift) - “Race with the Devil” details a planned RV trip to Aspen, Colorado. Roger and Frank own a motorcycle dealership in San Antonio and they are both machine enthusiasts. Roger in particular is a keen motorcycle man, which is of course a nod to Fonda’s role in the classic film “Easy Rider” (1969). Frank tries to keep up, but he can’t quite hang with Roger. No big deal; his wife is “Hot Lips” from “M*A*S*H*” after all.

    Roger and Frank are just your typical good ol’ boys who like drinking beer from cans and occasionally catching a girl taking her clothes off. The latter pastime is what gets the group in trouble and thus sets the film’s action into overdrive. On their first day of traveling, Kelly and Alice make the decision to get some rest. Frank convinces everyone to spend the night in his new RV, which has all the conveniences of modern living. Everyone agrees, and the foursome retire to what Frank calls “private road seclusion” (which is just a wooded area near a river). During the remaining daylight, Frank and Roger engage in a dirt bike race while their wives look on. Only Ginger, the Marsh family dog, doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself. For some reason, the land across the river, which contains only a large tree, frightens her.

    As night falls, wine starts to get passed around and a toast is made to “the best damn vacation we may ever have in our lives.” Everyone gets a little tipsy. The women decide to go to bed, while Roger and Frank make the fateful decision to stay out in the central Texas night. Before long, the two men hear a noise across the river. Just then a huge bonfire ignites almost as if by command, thus forcing Frank to grab a pair of binoculars.

    What they see is shocking. The bonfire is part of a ceremony involving a lot of young people dressed in robes. As hypnotic chants fill the background, Frank and Roger get a good glimpse of the group’s leader - a tall, Viking-looking man with long blonde hair, a mustache, and a sword. The man’s face is also concealed behind a mask that looks similar to the later ones worn on occasion by Bruce Dickinson and Samhain-era Glenn Danzig.

    As the ceremony continues, Roger and Frank notice that some members of the cult have shed their clothing. One nude girl - a young blonde - in particular has been singled out. First the group raises her naked body into the air, then the masked leader plunges a dagger into her heart. This breaks Roger and Frank’s reverie, and in their fear, they tell a now awake Alice to turn out the lights in the RV. The cult’s leader hears this, and after screaming a word that sounds a lot like “dalek,” the members of the cult rush to chase after the RV (thus the name of the film).

    Unfortunately, the RV gets cursed by the typical horror film malfunctions and it stalls just as the angry Satanists begin to pounce. After a few smashed windows, the terrified vacationers manage to escape to the nearest police station. There they meet Sheriff Taylor (played by R.G. Armstrong) and Deputy Dave (played by screenwriter Wes Bishop) - two yokel cops who ultimately prove to be sinister.

    When they return to the scene of the crime, Sheriff Taylor informs Roger and Frank that it was all a “bunch of hippies” whacked out on drugs. Strangely enough, the crime scene lacks the equipment that the group left behind the previous night during their flight, and even the reassuring Sheriff Taylor finds evidence of a fire and few drops of blood. These samples are collected for testing.

    Although the sheriff tries to convince the group that they mostly imagined the occurrence, the mutilated body of dog tied to a tree convinces Frank and Roger that there’s more going on than the sheriff would like to admit. This belief only increases after Alice and Kelly find a note while cleaning up the broken glass inside of the RV. The note promises ninefold vengeance, but its occult language leaves the women perplexed. So, while the men are away, the pair go to the library and find a few research books on witchcraft and black magic. When the librarian tells them that the books are not for circulation, Kelly hides them in her bag as her and Alice return to the RV.

    While the RV is being repaired by the mechanic that Sheriff Taylor recommended (played by Phil Hoover), Alice and Kelly try to convince Frank and Roger that what they saw was a Satanic ceremony done in accordance with the full moon. Furthermore, Alice and Kelly believe that the sheriff and the deputy are not to be trusted, for they noticed that Deputy Dave didn’t need to be told the way to the ceremonial site. Although Frank is hesitant to believe that somehow the sheriff and the deputy are in league with their pursuers, he nevertheless closes the RV’s partition after he notices the mechanic eavesdropping on their conversation.

    This theme of paranoia only builds as the film progresses. After Roger tells the group that he collected his own blood sample from the crime scene, the group decides to give it to the nearest big city police department. This puts the RV on several desolate roads towards Amarillo, and while there they are consistently harassed by their thoughts and questions concerning their fate. The experience leaves them fatigued, so they once again decide to stop. This time though they do so at an RV park full of fellow vacationers. One couple in particular - the Hendersons (played by Clay Tanner and Carol Blodgett) - seem overly eager to spend a night on the town with the two couples. When they hear that the group is running away from witches, the Hendersons pooh-pooh it as damned funny stuff.

     When the couples get back to the RV park, they find a dead Ginger hanging from the RV’s door. As an inconsolable Kelly grieves for her dead pooch, Frank and Roger ask if anyone had seen anything. The gathered crowd is mute, causing Kelly to suspect that they too are Satanists. In fact, it might have been the elderly vacationers who put the rattlesnakes inside of the RV, which in turn causes yet another crash.

    As the group continues on to Amarillo, more and more strange things start happening to them. First, Frank and Roger notice that their bikes, which were attached to the RV’s back, have been vandalized. Then, after buying a shotgun and some ammunition, they are denied a phone call because the store’s owner (played James N. Horrell) tells them that the phone is inoperable. Next, after purchasing gas and chitchatting with the attendant (played by Starrett himself), Roger’s attempt to use a pay phone fails because it’s out-of-order. Exhausted, the group decide to get back on the highway.

    This then is the point in the film when the action reaches its apex. While on the road, the Satanists decide to attack the RV with everything they have. Shotgun shells fly and whole cars are pushed off of the road. Many of the attackers are familiar faces, and the fact that they all want to destroy the RV lets the audience know that Alice and Kelly’s paranoia was correct all along. After a protracted battle, the RV settles down for the night in a secluded spot. The vehicle is damaged and the people inside are frazzled, but everyone is safe. Roger reassures them all that their ordeal is over.

    As before, a tree suddenly bursts into flames and a ring of fire encircles the RV. Chanting can be heard, and as the couples look out the window, they see Sheriff Taylor and the Hendersons step out into the fire’s glow. They are robed just like the others.

    Unlike most films then and now, “Race with the Devil” ends with the good guys losing. The Satanists win the day, and thus the film ends as a warning about the dangers of cult activity. The shadow of Charles Manson and the founding of the Church of Satan can be found in this taut thriller, but for the most part it’s an entertaining ride. Also, as an “RV in the desert” film, “Race with the Devil” can be called an influence on Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977). Frankly, Starrett’s film is the weaker of the two, but “Race with the Devil” has a low-brow charm all its own. “Race with the Devil” seems like the very definition of grindhouse, and as such it should be viewed by any self-respecting doomster.

    Words: Benjamin Welton

    *** Big thanks to Benjamin for putting this amazing series together - Ed, Tony and the Doommantia Team

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    Wijlen Wij took their sweet time releasing their sophomore album 'Coronachs of the ?'. The question now is; was it worth the wait? After repeated listens to this the answer is both "kinda" leaning towards "no".

    Questions are immediately raised when about halfway through the first song 'Pressure' by Anathema (A Fine Day to Exit era) comes to mind. It's hard to say why Wijlen Wij decided to add a decidedly prevalent rock influence (to both the song and the album) to their already amazing mix but it doesn't do anything positive for their sound.

    Of the sound in general a few things are of note. Firstly the guitars (thankfully) aren't as fuzzy as they were on the first album, but the bass is ridiculously high in the mix. There are some strong pure funeral elements throughout the psychedelic hippy dippy aspects that seems to be Kostas' ever growing obsession are jammed in between. Making no sense and pretty much ruining the songs. Apparently Kostas wasn't content with ruining Pantheist and thus had to branch in to his other band.

    The vocals, provided by Lawrence van Haecke, are a mixed bag at best. His grows are beastly and awesome but his cleans are laughable. Dude sounds like he should singing in some obscure folk act in the American south.

    The instrumentation is a step up from the first album. The drums are much tighter and the keyboards are more than just chorded droning organ dirges. Good for the drums bad for the keyboards. The bass obnoxiously drown out the guitar in some places. The actual doom parts are pretty damn good for what it's worth. Had they simply stuck to this formula this album would probably have been in the running for top ten of 2014.

    There's no real darkness or depth to the music. So what do we have here after all is said and done? A faster paced, slightly better produced slice of doom with some really bad blending of two substances akin to water and oil. Somethings just aren't meant to be blended and 60's rock and funeral doom are two of those things. This gets a 4/10

    Words: Grimm Doom


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    Sludge deviants STONEBURNER have revealed the first audiovisual insight into the sounds that propel their forthcoming full-length, "Life Drawing". Who better to visualize their desolate sludgy blues than Kenneth Thomas, director of "Blood, Sweat & Vinyl", the captivating documentary about independent music, as told through the eyes of some forward-thinking labels — including Neurot Recordings, home of STONEBURNER.

    This video teaser opens with a quote from A.A Milne whilst the lurching bassline of "Caged Bird" sets the scene. J.J. Shirey's dark artwork features prominently making sure our eye is cast over every part, until we are confronted with raw live footage of the band performing album highlight, "An Apology To A Friend In Need", replete with devastatingly heavy, magma-thick riffs and subterranean growls. Overall, it is a great indicator of what we can expect from the upcoming full-length and something to keep us going as we edge closer to release date.

    Recorded, mixed and produced by Fester at Haywire Studios, mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering — both in Portland — and swathed in the visually abrasive cover art of J.J. Shirey, "Life Drawing" promises to hurl STONEBURNER's habitually chest-caving sludge mantras to entirely new realms of earth-deteriorating heaviness.

    "Life Drawing" track listing:

    01. Some Can
    02. Caged Bird
    03. Drift
    04. An Apology To A Friend In Need
    05. Pale New Eyes
    06. Giver Of Birth
    07. Done
    08. You Are The Worst
    09. The Phoenix

    Named after a subterranean weapon from the novel "Dune", STONEBURNER delivers a wholly organic orchestration of captivating, crustified doom metal, their torrid hymns bathed in internal agony, anguish and despair.

    "Life Drawing" will be unleashed via Neurot Recordings on April 15.

    STONEBURNER features a persuasive musical ancestry that winds through BURIED AT SEA, BURIED BLOOD, HEATHEN SHRINE and others. An array of talented individuals also contribute guest vocals, including Benjamin Caragol (BURIALS, HANG THE OLD YEAR), Joshua Greene (BASTARD FEAST, EPHEMEROS), and Krysta Martinez (TRANSIENT, LANDMINE MARATHON).

    Source: Blabbermouth

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    Following the 2013 split release between the two acts, A389 Recordings this week announces a short Northeastern US tour with a duo of priority acts from the label's mighty roster; Washington DC's ILSA and Southern California's SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP.

    With SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP traversing the continent to take part in this year's installment of the Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore in May, their brethren in ILSA will converge with the band for a short but brutalizing run of dates, beginning May 16th in Cleveland and tearing through Rochester, Binghamton, Montclair, Brooklyn and Philadelphia together before SSOS splits off to invade MDF.

    ILSA and SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP Northeast US Tour:

    5/16/2014 Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH
    5/17/2014 The Firehouse Saloon - Rochester, NY
    5/18/2014 B Fitzee's Irish Pub - Binghamton, NY
    5/19/2014 The Meatlocker - Montclair, NJ w/ Pharaoh
    5/20/2014 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY w/ Coffins
    5/21/2014 Kung Fu NeckTie - Philadelphia, PA
    5/22/2014 Ram's Head Live - Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest [SSOS ONLY]

    This tour will be the first new set of dates for SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP since their massive run of the country last year alongside labelmates, Full Of Hell, in support of their second LP, Opium Morals, released via A389 a year ago. With over thirty-three minutes of pure auditory authority, the album embodies the band's murky blend of Disembodied, Grief, Harvest, Noothgrush, Unruh, Eyehategod and Xibalba into the most corrosive, debauchery-ridden and ethics-free sludge to date. The band will record their third LP for A389 upon returning home from the tour, the album to see release by the end of 2014.

    The Spring tour also marks the first run of ILSA shows since mid-last year preceding an alteration to the band's lineup. Aurally merging filthy, downtuned hardcore with mid-paced deathcrust, and visually meshing their deep-rooted fascination with the occult, violence and all forms of debauchery, ILSA has previously released several notable split releases and three full-length LPs, the latest, Intoxications, was released by A389 in 2012, who will also release their upcoming fourth full-length later this year.

    Stream SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP's entire Opium Morals record HERE, ILSA's Intoxications LP HERE, and the split 7" between both acts HERE.

    Stay tuned for further updates on both bands throughout the coming months. For all A389 press inquiries, contact

    ILSA | Facebook
    SSOS | Official Website
    SSOS | Facebook

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    Well those in the "know" well already know that Isom and Wino have been at odds with one another (sound familiar). Some of you may have already read about the Isom/Liebling issues that occurred in Pentagram recently. Well it is déjà vu time....Isom writes...

    Due to situations far beyond my control. I will not be sharing the stage with spirit caravan. Any hopes of the fans seeing the original lineup of the band are all but gone.I tried my very best to resolve issues in a very calm and peaceful way and was met with extreme anger beyond reality.I, like a lot of people were looking forward to seeing this once shining example of positivity and friendship thru music ride again. me and Sherman have been best friends for 24 years and remain so to this doesn’t matter who wino gets to replace me. the band will never sound the same….. II tried my best.

    Spirit Caravan on tour with Pilgrim:
    03/07/2014 Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
    03/08/2014 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
    03/09/2014 Chop Shop – Charlotte, NC
    03/10/2014 Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
    03/15/2014 SXSW – Austin, TX
    03/17/2014 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
    03/18/2014 Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
    03/19/2014 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA
    03/21/2014 Rotture – Portland, OR
    03/22/2014 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
    03/24/2014 The Shredder – Boise, ID
    03/25/2014 Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
    03/27/2014 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
    03/29/2014 Reggies – Chicago, IL
    03/30/2014 Cactus Club – Milwaukee, WI
    03/31/2014 The Fifth Quarter – Indianapolis, IN
    04/01/2014 Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
    04/02/2014 Rock Island Brewing – Rock Island, IL
    04/03/2014 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
    04/04/2014 Hi Tone – Memphis, TN
    04/05/2014 V Club – Huntington, WV
    04/06/2014 Hideaway – Johnson City, TN
    04/08/2014 Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI
    04/09/2014 Skully’s – Columbus ,OH
    04/12/2014 31st St Pub – Pittsburgh, PA
    04/13/2014 Empire – Springfield, VA
    04/14/2014 AS220 – Providence, RI
    04/15/2014 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn NY


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    According to the web site of 3VOOR12 (a multimedia platform of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting VPRO for alternative pop), Selim Lemouchi, former frontman of the Dutch occult rock act THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, has died at he age of 34. That news was confirmed by Bidi van Drongelen, the band's longtime manager and booking agent, as well as Walter Hoeijmakers, Roadburn Festival founder and organizer. No further details are currently available.

    THE DEVIL'S BLOOD called it quits in early 2013. The band's final release, "III: Tabula Rasa Or Death And The Seven Pillars", a collection of unfinished demos recorded at Lemouchi's home studio, was made available last June.

    THE DEVIL'S BLOOD's latest full-length album, "The Thousandfold Epicentre", came out in North America on January 17, 2012. The 11-song CD was produced with the help of Pieter Kloos at Void Studios in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

    Originally released in Europe in November 2011 through VÁN Records, "The Thousandfold Epicentre" landed on the Dutch album chart at position No. 76.

    In a 2013 interview with MetalSucks, Selim stated about THE DEVIL'S BLOOD's decision to disband: "It was a bit of a shock to us as well, because we found ourselves incapable of continuing. And, of course, that generated a little bit of frustration, and even some in-fighting… We felt, both of us — me and my sister as well — that we had done so much from this point of view, if you want, from this certain aesthetic, from this… well, not dogma, but in a certain way we had this very clear plan of how everything could be done and how it should stand, and nothing was left to [pauses] chance. We looked back and we were, like, Yeah, there's nothing really to say anymore. We've said it all, we've done it all. Especially when we looked at the last record, at the demos, we were, like, Wow. This is the third record. There's never going to be a fourth record. You feel that. You know that. You know it when you're done. Like a painter watching a painting: You can touch it up, you can step away from it for a while, you can go back and add a few colors or something — but there's a point where you look at it and say, okay now it's done. Now I have to stop messing with it because I'm going to ruin it. And I think a problem with most rock 'n' roll bands is they overstay their welcome by a long shot."

    He continued: "I've never wanted to be a band that overstays its potential. Y'know? I always think that THE ROLLING STONES is a good example. After 'Some Girls', who needs another STONES record? THE BEATLES … That's exactly how you should end a career: right then and there at the high point of creativity. At the high point of having something to say. 'Well, we'll never be able to do this again. Goodbye.' That's just honesty. That's what an artist should always stand for."

    After the demise of THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, Selim emerged with a new band, SELIM LEMOUCHI & HIS ENEMIES, whose debut album, "Earth Air Spirit Water Fire", arrived last December via Ván Records.

    A 2011 mini-documentary from FaceCulture in which Selim talked about taking control over his own life, struggling with drugs, alcohol and depression, writing music and painting, and the important role death played in his life can be seen below.

    Source: Blabbermouth

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    "All Must Die", a brand new song from THE OATH, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The track is taken from the band's self-titled debut album, which will be released on March 17 in Europe and April 15 in North America via Rise Above Records.

    To master the dark and wring compelling creativity from its densest shadows requires vision, belief and, perhaps most importantly, a dash of synchronicity. These are all qualities that ooze from every pore of the debut album by THE OATH. A band forged around the fizzing, feral chemistry between Swedish guitarist Linnea Olsson and German vocalist Johanna Sadonis, THE OATH represent the wild magic that erupts when two blazing souls collide and fate is sent veering off course by sheer strength of the human will. This is heavy metal at its most mercurial and intuitive.

    Having found each other and discovered that their obsessions, desires and musical urges were utterly compatible and swiftly and irrevocably interwoven, Linnea and Johanna set about devising an artistic masterplan. The results of that plan are now primed to emerge, fully-formed and thrumming with primal energy and pristine passion, in the shape of THE OATH: a nine-song clarion call that simultaneously recalls the hallowed greats of heavy rock, punk and metal — from BLACK SABBATH, TROUBLE and ANGEL WITCH through to THE STOOGES and POISON IDEA, and further to MERCYFUL FATE and DANZIG — while revelling in new ways to express the spirit of those revered archetypes. Recorded in ten days at Studio Cobra in Stockholm with producer Konie Ehrencrona at the controls and the raging rhythm section of Simon Bouteloup (bass; KADAVAR, ex-AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR) and Andrew Prestidge (ANGEL WITCH, WINTERS) underpinning Linnea and Johanna's otherworldly hymns to the black, THE OATH is a triumph for soul and sonic ceremony, with conviction and integrity bursting from every artfully-crafted riff and ethereal melodic motif.

    Veering from the strident grooves and shimmering menace of opener "All Must Die" to the breakneck, Luciferian clatter of "Black Rainbow" and on to the spine-tingling grandeur and grime of epic closer "Psalm 7", THE OATH is anything but just another addition to the modern pseudo-occult rock canon. Instead, it is an extraordinary glimpse into its creators' overpowering charisma and chemistry and a thrillingly, hyper-nourishing dose of authentic, 21st century heavy metal sorcery. With input from IN SOLITUDE's Henke Palm — who contributes some "improvised VOIVOD-style solos", according to Linnea — and logo designed courtesy of WATAIN's Erik Danielson, this is an album that exudes ageless style and irresistible substance: a potent antidote to the flimsy fripperies of the modern age.

    "The Oath" track listing:

    01. All Must Die
    02. Silk Road
    03. Night Child
    04. Leaving Together
    05. Black Rainbow
    06. Silver And Dust
    07. Death Delight
    08. In Dream
    09. Psalm 7

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    There is now more “Trouble” for THE SKULL - the new band featuring original TROUBLE members vocalist Eric Wagner and drummer Jeff “Oly” Olson alongside TROUBLE’s longtime bassist Ron Holzner and SACRED DAWN guitarist Lothar Keller - as they have recruited former TROUBLE bassist Chuck Robinson as their new dueling guitar player.

    Drummer and keyboardist Jeff “Oly” Olson comments:
    “We are excited and honored that Chuck Robinson has accepted our invitation to join the band. He is the perfect fit for THE SKULL. I’ve always enjoyed rehearsing with Chuck as he is disciplined with his art. He’ll surely bring a bonus to the band with his experience as a former TROUBLE member and as a seasoned musician who utilizes both his talented song writing ability and his exceptional recording skills. We are looking forward to tour with our brother again.”

    Olson added,
    “Chuck is more then a bass player. He grew up playing guitar with his father, also a very talented guitarist. Eric, Ron, Lothar, and myself know that Chuck is more than capable for the job. He’ll bring chops with a heavy groove to our debut album, as well as bring his charisma to the stage.”       

    THE SKULL has confirmed the following three shows. More shows will be added for North America and Europe in the coming weeks.
    May 09  - Cleveland, Ohio - The Grog Shop
    May 10 – Chicago, Illinois – Reggies
    August 29 - Montreal, Canada - The Wings of Metal Festival

    The Wings of Metal Festival will be a headlining performance consisting of two sets. The first set will be a performance of TROUBLE’s 1984 debut album “Psalm 9” in it’s entirety. The second set will include a performance of newly recorded songs as well as TROUBLE classics.

    As previously reported, THE SKULL has inked a deal with Tee Pee Records and has recently recorded two songs with acclaimed producer/engineer Billy Anderson (MELVINS, NEUROSIS) which will see the light of day this spring.

    "Sometime Yesterday Mourning" is a doomy metal song written by Keller, Holzner and Wagner that showcases the genre pioneers' distinct style while "The Last Judgement" is a "revisiting" of the classic TROUBLE song of the same name that originally appeared on the classic 1983 "Metal Massacre IV" compilation album. ?

    "I think 'Sometime Yesterday Mourning' is the perfect song for THE SKULL to lead with and there's a reason why it was the first song we completed as a band," commented Wagner. "It's about coming to a point in life when it's just time for a new beginning, a fresh start if you will, and finally coming to terms with the past.

    "Being that it is the 30th anniversary of the release of the song 'The Last Judgement'— the first song we ever released — we thought it fit perfectly for the B-side and considering what 'Sometime Yesterday Mourning' is about, it made sense to me. You have to go through your past to get to your future."

    THE SKULL will follow the release of the new songs with its debut full length LP, tentatively slated for release this autumn.

    THE SKULL is:

    Eric Wagner – vocals
    Jeff “Oly” Olson – drums/keys
    Ron Holzner – bass
    Lothar Keller – guitar
    Chuck Robinson – guitar

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    To close out their third anniversary this week, CVLT Nation is proud to present the second in a series of covers compilations dubbed The CVLT Nation Sessions with BLACK SABBATH's seminal album, Master Of Reality.

    Now available for exclusive streaming and free download, Master Of Reality: The CVLT Nation Sessions features Graves At Sea, Usnea, Primitive Man, Rorcal, Bongripper, Albino Python and Cult Of Occult offering up their devouring renditions of these doom classics!

    The CVLT Nation Sessions is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music that has influenced a wide spectrum of genres, while also widening the audience for the participating bands. CVLT Nation has recruited some of its favorite underground heavy bands from around the world to record covers for free distribution and download via All the mastering is done by Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Stream/download Master Of Reality: The CVLT Nation Sessions at THIS LOCATION

    BLACK SABBATH Master Of Reality - The CVLT Nation Sessions Track Listing:

    1. Sweet Leaf - Primitive Man
    2. After Forever - Rorcal
    3. Children Of the Grave - Cult of Occult
    4. The Haunting - Bongripper (Hel and Taz from Undersmile on vocals)
    5. Orchid - Graves At Sea
    6. Lord Of This World - Graves At Sea
    7. Solitude - Albino Python
    8. Into The Void - Usnea

    Cvlt Nation | Official Website
    Cvlt Nation | Facebook
    Black Matter Mastering.Com

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    Southern Lord confirms the impending release of The Living Ever Mourn, the debut LP from Portland-based group, NIGHTFELL.

    NIGHTFELL unites Portland, Oregon musicians Todd Burdette and Tim Call. Recorded and mixed at Red Lantern Studios by Evan 'Maus' Mersky, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, The Living Ever Mourn is the debut full-length born of this union of notable extreme music perpetrators, rending over forty minutes of purely epic metal, bridging morose heaviness with melodic destruction. Envisioned and executed in a period of grief, delirium and loss of life, the atmosphere and lyrics mirror the ensuing emptiness while simultaneously embracing the dichotomous power in the unwavering and eternal force of Death. At times the album embodies the guttural, bleak essence Burdette's musical endeavors have innovated since the mid-90s, while other segments undoubtedly breathe with the murky, crushing, Northwestern oppression Call has been associated with. The entire album channels unrest through its organic delivery, at times integrating choral mantras, noise-infused ambience and thundering death marches, all combining into an a brutalizing opus that defies debilitating genre tags.

    While the final street dates are still being confirmed, The Living Ever Mourn will arrive sometime in May 2014, with Southern Lord handling the CD and digital versions, while Southern Lord and Parasitic will co-release the massive vinyl version. Stand by for transmissions on the album's official release dates as well as music from the LP and more to be issued in the near future.

    The Living Ever Mourn Track Listing:
    1. The Last Disease
    2. I
    3. I Am Decay
    4. Empty Prayers
    5. The Hollowing
    6. Ii
    7. Altars To Wrath
    8. Funeral Dirge

    For coverage of NIGHTFELL and all Southern Lord actions, in North America contact and in Europe contact

    Southern Lord | Official Website
    Southern Lord | Bandcamp
    Parasitic Records | Big Cartel
    Parasitic Records | Facebook

    Source: Earsplit PR
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    As New York City-area-based black/death metal quintet, GREY SKIES FALLEN, prepares to release their The Many Sides of Truth LP late this April, the band today releases the album's opening track, "Ritual Of The Exiter."

    Thundering with nearly ten minutes of GREY SKIES FALLEN's dynamic musical elements crushing into each other like ominous storm systems converging, the band merges their broad range of influences into this mammoth album-opening funeral hymn. Metal webzine, No Clean Singing, is now hosting a stream of "Ritual Of The Exiter," just a segment of the detailed write-up accompanying the song depicting, "The song is anchored by a really good rhythm section, with both the bass and the drums getting their hooks into you. But the bleak melodic motifs in the music are the key to its success, along with the vocals, which are both clean and agonizing. Genre boundaries are ignored, with elements of doom, prog, black metal, and melodic death metal in the mix."

    Explore the "Ritual Of The Exiter" now playing alongside the album's previously-released track "Of the Ancients"RIGHT HERE

    GREY SKIES FALLEN will, as with their five previous studio works, independently release The Many Sides of Truth on multiple formats April 29th, with preorders for the CD and digital versions HERE  and the LP version in three color schemes -- standard black, colored/splattered, and glow-in-the-dark -- available HERE.

    Since 1997, GREY SKIES FALLEN has kept a constant flame burning since inception, their brooding and scathing blend of black, death and doom metal continually morphing and evolving. With a revamped lineup since previous releases, the band now prepares to release their most diverse and honed works to date on The Many Sides of Truth. The fourth collection of works the band has recorded with Keith Moore at his Audio Playground in Patchogue, New York, the album packs a wealth of crushing cross-genre dynamics into a thirty-eight minute opus. The album also features two alternate versions of the cover artwork and layouts by Travis Smith.

    Review copies of The Many Sides of Truth will be available in the coming weeks. For all coverage of GREY SKIES FALLEN contact

    Official Website

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    Swiss doom metallers PŸLON will release their sixth full-length album, "Homo Homini Lupus", later this year via the U.S. label Roxx Productions. The CD will contain six original compositions, including a track, "Al HaHar", with a verse in Modern Hebrew, and one as-yet-undisclosed "unlikely" cover song.

    PŸLON's fifth album, "The Harrowing Of Hell", was released in 2012 on vinyl and in 2013 on CD as a collaborative effort between Roxx Productions and Quam Libet Records. The effort contained six original compositions, including "Returnal Etern" and "Psalm 139b" as well as a re-imagining of BLACK SABBATH's "Paranoid".

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    Drone is not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination and very few bands in this ultra minimalistic field are doing anything truly original; but when multi-project mad man Stijn van Cauter decided to take a whack at it with Beyond Black Void it was assumed he'd do as he's famous for an blow it out of the water. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

    For the first time in his colorful career Stijn more or less tanked. His approach in Beyond Black Void isn't that dissimilar from several of his other projects. To think this would be anything completely different would be stupid. No, here we have an obvious continuation of Until Death Overtakes Me sans keyboards, bass & drums. Just two guitars and growled vocals.

    Considering the crap Sunn O))) puts out (and probably laughs their way to the bank with) this is a technical frenzy of unparalleled skill and showmanship. Just two guitars lazily drifting from riff to riff with single note leads randomly floating over them. Had this been slower and possibly backed with a keyboard it would've been much better. There is a lot of structure for a style that typically doesn't acknowledge boarders and guidelines.

    This album consists of three mammoth songs topping out at around 70 minutes. Granted this album came out in the early part of the last decade when drone was mostly unknown this album could've been fleshed out more.

    If you can get past the aforementioned this isn't a terrible release. The futuristic artwork on the insert booklet is pretty cool and gives the listener a frame of reference for where he was coming from. This album does have pretty good atmosphere over all. Drone fans could to much better than this but for those who dig Stijns' work this is a must. This gets a 5.5/10

    Words: Grimm Doom

    Official Website

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    Ohio riff rock perpetrators LO-PAN, will enter Translator Audio in Brooklyn, New York next month to record their forthcoming new full-length for amplification station, Small Stone Recordings. Titled Colossus, the offering will be mixed and mastered by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, The Brought Low, Keelhaul) with art direction by Jason Alexander Byers (Black Black Black, Disengage). A Fall release is expected.

    In related news, LO-PAN recently joined forces with the roadburning heavyweights at Tone Deaf Touring (Corrosion Of Conformity, Weedeater, ASG) and will embark upon a short stint of live abrasions later this month alongside manic noiserockers, Whores. The ten-date motorcade will include two special Small Stone Showcases in Cambridge and Brooklyn.

    The following month, the band will join reunited iconic stoner rock sorcerers, Spirit Caravan, and the wicked doom bringers in Pilgrim for a performance in Columbus with additional bouts of onstage debauchery to be announced in the coming months.

    LO-PAN Spring Takeover 2014:

    3/20/2014 The Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI w/ Whores
    3/21/2014 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL w/ Whores
    3/22/2014 Ruby's - Columbus, OH Ruby's w/ Fuck You Pay Me, White Wolves
    3/23/2014 Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH w/ Whores, Fuck You Pay Me
    3/24/2014 The Union - Athens, OH w/ Whores, Horseburner
    3/25/2014 Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Whores
    3/26/2014 The Depot - York, PA w/ Neon Warship, Black Cowgirl, Witch Hazel
    3/27/2014 The M Room - Philadelphia, PA w/ Neon Warship, Skeleton Hands
    3/28/2014 Small Stone Showcase @ Middle East - Cambridge, MA  w/ Roadsaw, Mellow Bravo, Gozu, Neon Warship
    3/29/2014 Small Stone Showcase @ Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY w/ Wo Fat, Lo-Pan, Roadsaw, Neon Warship, Geezer
    4/09/2014 Skully's - Columbus, OH  w/ Spirit Caravan, Pilgrim
    4/17/2014 Pinned 4 - Columbus, OH  w/  Neon Warship, Ride To Ruin, Beggers

    Check out the revamped website for show updates, new merch and other LO-PAN-centric awesomeness.

    "LO-PAN could easily stand as one of the most important bands of their generation in the genre." - The Obelisk

    "With enough stoner rock goodness to destroy bridges and skyscrapers alike, Lo-Pan show that they are one of several absolutely essential rock outfits working today and a major force to be reckoned with." - Sputnik Music

    Lo-Pan | Official Website
    Small Stone | Official Website

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    Seattle's riff-dredging doom powerhouse, SAMOTHRACE, is preparing to return to European soil in just over two weeks, with a new bout of shows confirmed in Holland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France and Belgium at the very end of March and into the first two weeks of April.

    The primary objective of the band's newest tour of the European continent is forging to their introductory concert at the illustrious Roadburn Festival in Tilburg. SAMOTHRACE will hammer the audience at the massive annual event for the first time on Thursday, April 10th, performing their sophomore LP, Reverence To Stone, in its entirety alongside Beastmilk, Bong, Corrections House, Crowbar, Graves At Sea, Hull, Napalm Death, Sourvein, Whitehorse and more the same day. Additional tour dates throughout the two week venture preceding their Roadburn set are still being confirmed. For the entire tour up to Roadburn, SAMOTHRACE will be supported by Dutch outfit Dresden/Leningrad.

    "We are very excited to be a part of Roadburn 2014 in our second trip to European soil," stated SAMOTHRACE drummer Joe Axler upon the initial announcement of their taking part in the festivities this year. "We feel privileged to be able to share the stage with so many old friends, and not only be able to play at such an amazing festival but also to see so many of our favorite bands and to be introduced to new ones as well. For Roadburn 2014, we will be performing Reverence to Stone in its entirety. We are looking forward to bringing our form of Heavy to this event!"

    Roadburn Festival 2014 will run for four days from Thursday, April 10th to Sunday, April 13th 2014, as always at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

    To commemorate the tour, the band's label, 20 Buck Spin, is re-pressing both of SAMOTHRACE's LPs in colored vinyl editions, with Reverence To Stone newly available on purple and clear HERE. Their  2008 debut 2xLP, Life's Trade, will be available by the end of March on gold/black splatter.

    SAMOTHRACE European Tour 2014:
    3/28/2014 DB's - Utrecht, Netherlands
    3/30/2014 Loppen - Copenhagen, Denmark
    4/02/2014 Chemiefabrik - Dresden, Germany
    4/05/2014 McQueen - Parma, Italy
    4/06/2014 Freakout Club - Bologna, Italy
    4/08/2014 La Miroiterie - Paris, France
    4/09/2014 Jeugdhuis Tijl - Diest, Belgium
    4/10/2014 Roadburn Festival - Tilburg, Netherlands

    Contact with all SAMOTHRACE and 20 Buck Spin coverage requests.


    Source: Earsplit PR

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