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    Thanks for all the get well messages for Ed whose health took a turn for the worse brought on by what has been diagnosed as severe anxiety disorder and the lack of the required medicine due to lack of cash-flow. You can still send messages if you wish but please be aware we can't send a reply. Just be sure your support is very appreciated in this difficult time. Doommantia will continue as injured and under staffed as it is but please be patient if you are waiting on a review or interview. As you can understand, it is not high on our priority list at the moment....Sally.

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    Sweden Rock Magazine, Scandinavia's biggest hard rock magazine and Sweden's top-selling music magazine, has joined forced with two of the country's most legendary metal bands. To celebrate Sweden Rock Magazine's 100th issue, CANDLEMASS and ENTOMBED have recorded cover versions of each other's songs for a CD single sent exclusively to the magazine's subscribers with issue #100, out January 8. It will not be available elsewhere.

    CANDLEMASS has recorded a heavy version of ENTOMBED's classic death'n'roll song "To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth". This marks vocalist Mats Levén's (KRUX, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION) first official CANDLEMASS recording since he took over from the recently departed Robert Lowe.

    ENTOMBED laid down a cover of CANDLEMASS' uptempo song "Black Dwarf" from 2005's comeback album "Candlemass".

    These covers, which can be streamed below, will be performed live when CANDLEMASS and ENTOMBED take the stage for two special concerts at Sweden Rock Magazine's 100th-issue party at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden on January 26. There might also be a guest appearance or two. Tickets are on sale and cost SEK 220.

    For information on how to subscribe to Sweden Rock Magazine, go to this location

    Source: Blabbermouth.

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    Welcome to 2013. It is time again for top album lists for 2012. We will be posting these in several parts and you are welcome to send in your own and we will publish them om the site. Stay tuned for lists from more writers, readers and forum members. Here is part three...

    Ed Barnard & Sally Bethhall - Admin
    * In no particular order *
    Herem - Herem II
    Temples - Periplaneta Nova
    Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction
    High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
    Conan - Monnos
    Uzala - S/T
    The Isosceles Project - Bridges
    In the Company of Serpents - S/T
    The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside
    Ghost Tower - Head of Night
    Inverloch - Dusk....Subside
    Ufomammut - Oro: Opus Primum
    Snail - Terminus
    Faal - The Clouds are Burning
    Arc Of Ascent - The Higher Key
    Candlemass - Psalms For The Dead
    Barren Earth - The Devil's Resolve
    Project Armageddon– Tides of Doom
    Horseback - Half Blood
    Bretus – In Onirica
    Undersmile - Narwhal
    Alunah - White Hoarhound
    Iron Man –  Att Halla Dig Over EP
    Tempestuous Fall –  The Stars Would Not Awake You
    Wheelfall - Interzone
    Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don’t Hear It…Fear It
    Witch Mountain - Cauldron of the Wild

    * This list started out as a top 100 so a lot of very good albums didn't make the list *

    Mysticism - Forum Member
    1. Towards Darkness – Barren
    2. My Dying Bride – A Map of all Our Failures
    3. Evoken – Atra Mors
    4. Frailty – Melpomene
    5. Indesinence – Vessels of Light & Decay
    6. Ea – S/T
    7. Monarch – Omens
    8. The Slow Death – II
    9. Swallow the Sun – Emerald Forest and the Blackbird
    10. Anhedonist – Netherwards
    11. Witch Mountain – Cauldron of the Wild
    12. Inborn Suffering – Regression to Nothingness
    13. Tempestuous Fall – The Stars Would not Awake You
    14. Futility – The View from Here
    15. Myraeth – In Glorious Death

    Sister Doom - Forum Member
    Saint Vitus - Lillie F-65
    Pressor - Grave Full of Weed
    Curse - S/T
    Conan - Monnos
    Hooded Menace - Effegies of Evil
    Demonic Death Judge - Skygods
    The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside
    Evoken - Atra Mors
    Slomatics - A Hocht
    Windhand - S/T

    Marilena Moroni  (Doommantia writer)
    SOME OF MY ALBUMS of 2012
    (not all of them and not in a particular order except for the first two)

    1) Vassafor - Obsidian Codex
    2) Om - Advaitic Songs
    Enslaved - RIITIIR
    Ahab - The Giant
    At Devil Dirt - Chapter II "Vulgo gratissimus auctor"
    Witchcraft - Legend
    Kadavar - Kadavar
    War Iron -  The Fifth and Final Sun
    Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction
    Alcest - La Voyages de L’Ame
    Slomatics - A Hocht
    Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don't Hear It...Fear It!
    Lugnoro - Annorstädes
    Black Bombaim - Titans
    Evoken - Atra Mors
    Satan's Satyrs - Wild Beyond Belief!
    Seamount - IV: Earthmother
    Ishmael - Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here
    Horse Latitudes – Awakening
    Insider - Vibrations from the Tapes
    Necronomicon / The Queen of Death
    Golden Void - st
    witch Mountain - Cauldron of the Wild
    Fistula - Northern Aggression + Loser
    Morbid Wizard - Necrosis of the Eyeball
    The Disease Concept - Liquor Bottles and Broken Steel
    Unsane – Wreck
    Windhand - Windhand 
    Heat - Heat
    Stuff by Ice Dragon and related projects
    Stuff by Adamennon
    Hell - II
    V.A. - Önd: A Tribute To Enslaved 
    V.A. - Hoffman's Kaleidoscope
    The Wandering Midget -  From the Meadows of Opium Dreams
    Ihsahn - Eremita
    Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Third & split with Kadavar
    Black Magician - Nature Is The Devil's Church
    Obelyskkh - White Lightnin’
    Pilgrim - Misery Wizard
    Captain Crimson - Dancing Madly Backwards
    Colour Haze - She Said
    Bretus - In Onirica
    Abysmal Grief - Celebrate What They Fear
    Witchsorrow - God Curse Us
    Meth Drinker - Open Tomb - split
    Midnight - Complete and Total Hell
    Derketa - In Death We Meet
    Bode Preto - Inverted Blood
    Occultation - Three and Seven
    Dragged into Sunlight – Widowmaker
    Okkultokrati – Snakereigns
    Ravens Creed - The Power
    Alkerdeel – Morinde
    Furze – Psych Minus Space Control
    Hypnosia - Horror Infernal
    Antediluvian - The two 2012 splits
    Muknal - Muknal
    Hail Spirit Noir - Pneuma
    Urfaust - Ritual Music for the True Clochard
    Revenge – Scum.Collapse.Eradication
    Atriarch – Ritual of Passing
    Paroxsihzem - Paroxsihzem
    Begrime Exemious - Visions of the Scourge
    Timeghoul - 1992-1994 Discography Compilation
    Sonne Adam - Messengers of Desolate Ways
    Weapon - Embers and Revelations
    Wrathprayer - The Sun of Moloch: The Sublimation of Sulphur's Essence Which Spawned Death and Life
    Much of the roster in Nuclear War Now! Productions, Dark Descent Records, etc. 
    Filthy stuff by Elektrocutioner and the Razorback Records bunch

    SOME REVELATION OF 2012 (for me, at least)

    Cult of Occult
    Fuoco Fatuo
    Black Temple Below
    Blood Red Water
    Harsh Toke
    Black Magician
    Druganaut  (well, I discovered them just this year ...)
    Open Tomb
    Bottom Feeder (Denmark)
    Electric Taurus
    Elevators to the Grateful Sky
    The awesome heavy (doom-stoner & black-death) scene in Chile (well, not right a new discover but a continuous surprise)


    - Roadburn 2012 (my highlights: Oranssi Pazuzu, Valient Thorr, Necros Christos, Jucifer, Black Cobra, The Obsessed, Voivod, Virus, ...)
    - Nuclear War Now! festival
    - Dublin Doom Days-Chapter IV Festival
    - Sleep
    - Nasum
    - Baby Woodrose
    - Kadavar
    - Aura Noir


    plus all the many other big and small surprises to come ...

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  • 01/05/13--10:13: Heads-up: Druganaut ...

  • Their motto is “Drugs’n’Booze’n’Girls’n’Doom” and their name hints to Black Mountain. But they have dope in their veins and fire in their amps and they come from the northern foggy and chilly counties of Great Britain. Many thanks to the cool folks out at Sludgelord for having turned me to innumerable cool bands and, among the many, to Druganaut, powerful unsigned band from Newcastle upon Tyne. Druganaut are heavily tattoed Craig Relf on wild vocals, Kyle Partridge and Adam Sherriff on guitars, William Baxter on bass and James Ware on drums.

    Their story: “Some bastards out there are on the march to wreck and ruin by experimenting with every drug a cheap and nasty city like Newcastle upon Tyne has to offer. Others try and dampen the tedium of living in this ugly city by playing in a loud and nasty metal band. Druganaut are doing both.”  F**k yeaaaah!  Just roll a fat one ready, go and listen to tunes out at Soundcloud. Let your head bang, your booty shake, your t-shirt drench in sweat and your beard and moustache grow to Druganaut’s doped and alcoholic, heavily distorted, no-prisoners boiling hot blues / stoner-doom metal charge. Because, these Brits play “… blues for anyone who likes their blues to be brown and burning in a tea spoon” and “… metal for folk who want their metal to crumble from the heat of a lighter into a joint”.  Growling, fuzz- and groove-drenched guitar riffs, molasse-heavy bass, pounding drumming and those deep, powerful, gritty, incredible vocal parts by Craig (and, I guess, by some anothe band mate when double vocals are heard). Anyway Craig’s voice has a wide range spanning between seducing, manly Clutch-like deep blues singing; and raucous alcoholic retro-southern tones like those I enjoyed so much in US band Skrogg one year ago; or even wild bestial roars like Phil Anselmo’s when he is really really angry, and more. Great singer indeed.

    Druganaut’s music is multishaded like their singer’s tones. There’s “trve” sabbathian doom with slow tempo and downtuned gurgling riffs depicting smoke-dark moments, there is that sweaty, beer- and whiskey-stinking, dusty southern-fried metal and swampy doped metal, be it either on the fiercely sludgy/doom or on the stoner edge, in the holy name of Down, Crowbar, Orange Goblin, etc., And loads of retro hard blues / biker rock too. Druganaut have two badass EP releases in their CV, i.e., Shake Your Bones (2011) and Assemble (2012) shared on Soundcloud. Eight tracks altogether that fully display the firepower of this band. Some of these tracks have been played several times in my own radio shows out at Core of Destruction Radio last year. Ask the band for getting hold of their kickass stuff, they are friendly blokesAs with the worst dopes, when you start with these tunes, you’ll crave for more! But, as anticipated by Steve out at Sludgelord and reported on the band’s facebook page, new heavy stuff, actually a full-length album (wow!), is in preparation. For the purpose the band has been obviously looking for “virgins to sacrifice to the dark lord in return for a record deal”! In the meantime this bunch of hard addicts have been doing much crushing live activity during the past year. But don’t ever believe to a track title running like “Sober Again”. So get hold of them fast, or, as they like to recommend on the bio on Facebook, “come catch them live before they all overdose and die”!!! Aaaargh, nooooo!!!!!

    (Hysterical and bearded) words: Marilena Moroni


    Druganaut "Equestrian dreams"


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    Then news came from one of Belgian funeral priests: Lawrence van Haecke, creator of Solicide and a voice of Wijlen Wij is closing to finally perform another masterpiece of his art. If you’re ready to take part in next act of sonic inhumation then this interview is for you.

    Hi Lawrence! I’ve heard that your funeral project Solicide is active again, what news do you have to share?

    Hi! Well, Solicide was never inactive. I have just been very slow at actually getting to record songs that I have been writing ever since the debut album “Der Untergang des Abendlandes” was released by NULLL Records.
    I am working on releasing a new album called “Götzen-dämmerung oder Wie man mit dem Hammer musiziert”.

    Is new Solicide a solo-project or are there any other musicians besides you?

    I still consider Solicide to be a solo project, because I take all the decisions and write the lyrics and songs. I have, however, for the new album, asked to a number of friends, to help me out with the recording. I have always liked to cooperate and get some fresh ideas into the music. What is already sure for the new album, that is the help of Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Wijlen Wij). He wrote a church organ introduction for the new album. Giuseppe “Stilgar” D’Adiutorio (Arvensvarthe) contributed bass guitar tracks for the song called “The Land of Lost Content”. I will further work on this song with Christian Moore-Wainwright (From the Mammoth’s Mouth). Then there is the song “Eli Eli Lema Sabachtani”. I recorded this in 2004 with Arne Depoorter, one of my closest friends. This song was formerly known as “Pushakha”, but the planned split release with Funerary Dirge never came to pass. I really like this track, so I started writing songs and material to support the release this song. The last song, “Ita Missa Est” is a cooperation between me and another close friend of me, Peter Moorkens (Electric Loopstation, Schlachthof Berlin, I.A.W.E.H.). Reading this again, perhaps, the “solo” part of the project isn’t that clear. Haha! Well, in the end, I don’t think that it matters that much, does it? :)

    I think that now it doesn’t :-) It seems that “Götzen-dämmerung oder Wie man mit dem Hammer musiziert” album sounds very diverse, what is it content? What is there besides classic funeral doom stuff?

    The new album is clearly a funeral doom album, although the song “Eli Eli Lema Sabachtani” holds some a different number of passages with elements that usually don’t fit within the scheme of funeral doom metal. It is always interesting to bond different kinds of influences into something that might offer new experiences to a listener with an open mind. As far as the progression of the music of Solicide is concerned. “Eli Eli Lema Sabachtani” also holds most elements that refer to the first album as it was written shortly afterwards. The other songs probably give a more updates image of where my vision of writing songs is at. So, it is in that way also a more diverse album.

    How do you plan to release the album?

    I have had contact in the past with one label. But, I’ll first make sure that all of the songs are finished and in a releasable state.

    After nearly ten years you return with new ideas, what did you do all this time? What was a reason to bring Solicide back to life?

    I never stopped with Solicide. I was busy with university and then started on a PhD. In the meantime, I had written up to three albums worth of material. I just never got into actually recording. I took some distance to it all. Then in 2010, I felt the need to really do something again. Doing the vocals on the split album Wijlen Wij (namely, “Unveiling the signs”, with Dissolving of Prodigy, Gallileous, Kostas Panagiotou and Pantheist) was a part of the reason that put me to work again more actively. I first started to re-write my old material. Then in the beginning of 2012, Christian Moore-Wainwright and I started compose material for our own project (From the Mammoth’s Mouth) and a short while later, Wijlen Wij had plans for the second full length. All this brought Solicide into faster waters as well.

    Man, what is your specialty in university?

    I have studied History, more precisely contemporary history. My fields of expertise are historical demography on the one hand and (Belgian) legal history on the other.

    What’s about Wijen Wij? Is this project still alive?

    I am the vocalist of Wijlen Wij since the split-album and we are recording a new album. Recently, we became a three-piece as Stijn (Until Death Overtakes Me and tons of others projects) waved the music scene goodbye. Kostas and I wrote songs. Kris Villez already recorded all the drums – I currently completed vocals on 4 of 5 on the songs. It is safe to say that we aim for a release in 2013.

    Why did Stijn leave Wijlen Wij? And how does new stuff of the project sound?

    He has his own personal reasons for wanting to lay of being busy with music for the moment. We all wish him the best of course. It was a privilege to be able to work with him. I think the new material of Wijlen Wij will sound as a good mixture of we stand as individuals and as a band after progressing for almost ten years since the songs of the first album was written. There is more melody, but at the same time the crushing and the melancholy are as much prevalent. I am really looking forward to hear the end result.

    I watched your blog on MySpace, and it’s said that you already did some new records in 2008 – what did happened with that stuff?

    Yes, that is true. Two songs got recorded more or less. Arne and I were working on those for a second full length album, based on the poem “Wasteland” by T.S. Elliot. Most of those songs got re-written by me in 2010. I would love to record and release these songs completely. I still have the raw recordings of the first two songs. I think not more than 5 people heard that until now. :)

    I’ve read that your new album is based on poems of Housman, do you still hold on this idea? Why did you choose Housman?

    I had written an album with poems by A.E. Housman, but I lost my notes. This unfortunate happening made me put that plan aside and brought about the aforementioned release to the fore, with the song “Eli Eli Lema Sabachtani” as a center point. It’s a piece of more or less 25 minutes bringing my interpretation of what happened when Jesus Christ was hung on the cross. The lyrics are a conversation in Aramaic between Jesus and god. The song “The land of lost content” is in fact the only left-over from my plans to do an album with poems of Housman. I still remembered most of the riffs as I had written this song first. This song is about 12 minutes long. The shortest Solicide full song to date.
    I had chosen Housman and his magnum opus “A Shropshire Lad” in particular, because of the central place of death in his poems – even though, his work does not appeal to me as overly dark or pessimistic. His work holds thoughts about the lost youth and decay of life. It is a call to live and live now – an important, albeit still disregarded or wrongly understood philosophical truth. Because of his classicistic background, his poems have a rhythmic musicality that I was trying to catch and that you can still hear in “The land of lost content”. With his bass-lines, Stilgar made a great contribution in this respect. His work fits in with the riffs I wrote and the atmosphere that I tried to invoke.

    Some metalheads assert that funeral doom is primitive genre because of it’s repetitive riffs and slow cyclic structures, what can you answer onto such sentence?

    Well, I could agree with that statement, but I would have to know what those people actually mean with the claim of “being primitive”. It is a criticism of course, but I would not consider this description necessarily a bad statement – I would, however, use “primal” next to primitive. Funeral doom metal is primitive in its usually minimalist approach in the portrayal of emotions.  It is a highly emotional genre – it brings out deep feelings – but in slow, hard and profound hits. It was not, is not and will never be suited for everybody. I would never accept this statement as a critique towards the musicians that play funeral doom. There are some very talented people out there, bands like Skepticism, Evoken and Worship, to name but a few, consists of highly capable musicians. It is not because people prefer to play slow that they are not able to play a decent tune on their instruments. In fact, playing as heavy and slow as funeral doom bands do, is actually not an easy thing to do. It’s easier to play 120/150 bmp than 30 bmp, without making a rhythmic mistake.

    What are your authorities in funeral doom and why? And did you check the link onto album of first Russian funeral band Voj? (Bandcamp)
    First of all, I want to thank you for pointing me out to Voj. I will check them out. :) In Funeral Doom, my first and foremost “authority” would be Skepticism. Not a surprising choice perhaps, but they really capture the essence of this music. Slow, lumbering tragedies, infused with church organ, but also very sacral, almost religious. In my top three live gigs, there are two Skepticism gigs. Possibly the best live performance I have seen, was January 2012, Pantheist and Skepticism in the Saint-Giles-of-the-Fields Church in London. Not only, two of my favorite bands, but both high in quality and a great combination to experience live. I, myself, have also been influenced by the drone-band Hlidolf and by Thergothon. Two unique bands with a special take on music.

    And can you tell us about fate of NULLL Collective? What did happen with this project? Do Stijn and other guys think about new release under this name and what do you think about that collaboration?

    I was always interested in the NULLL collective. It’s the kind of projects that can actually churn out interesting new releases and provide the small funeral doom scene with some interesting collaborations and material. I suppose that this project will not continue, unless it would continue in one form of another without Stijn. I think it is up to him, but I don’t know any kind of details.

    Lawrence, thank you for your time, I’m glad that Solicide is in service again! I wish you all the best in your positive, negative and neutral beginnings. Would you like to say few words to our readers before they go to their beds?

    Don’t let the bedbugs bite you! ;)
    In any case… I wish all those that got to this point in the interview not only a year full of doomy pleasures, but of course also pleasures in metal and beyond! Solicide and Wijlen Wij both have a fan page on Facebook… So, if you want to know more about these bands,  that is the best place to check.

    Interview By Aleks

    Wijlen Wij Official
    Wijlen Wij | Facebook
    Solicide | Myspace

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    Heavy-hitting British metal band ORANGE GOBLIN will release a live CD/DVD set, "A Eulogy For The Fans - Orange Goblin Live 2012", on March 11 via Candlelight Records. The artwork was created by Jimbob Isaac and can be seen below.

    CD/DVD set features:

    ** Disc 1 (CD)

    Complete set live at Bloodstock Open Air festival on August 11, 2012 at Catton Park, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom

    ** Disc 2 (DVD)

    Complete pro-shot sets live at Bloodstock Open Air festival on August 11, 2012 at Catton Park, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom and Hellfest on June 15, 2012 in Clisson, France. Plus promotional videos, the making of "Red Tide Rising" documentary, "Highway To Hellfest" short film, photo galleries and more. The live audio from Bloodstock Open Air festival will also be released as a double gatefold vinyl. ORANGE GOBLIN's latest album, "A Eulogy For The Damned", was released in February 2012 via Candlelight Records. The ten-track offering was recorded at The Animal Farm studio in South London, produced and engineered by Jamie Dodd and mastered two-time Grammy-nominated PINK FLOYD engineer Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering.

    "A Eulogy For The Damned" was released on CD and limited-edition colored vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

    Formed in 1995 (as OUR HAUNTED KINGDOM), ORANGE GOBLIN has released six full-length albums, developing an enthusiastic fan base that revels in the band's aggressive sound built on "booze-sodden riffs and attitude." Longtime label Rise Above Records has reissued the group's super-heavy back catalog.

    Source: Blabbermouth

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    Fans of Mar de Grises will need no introduction to this band. It is of course the work of one Juan Escobar. He left that band to focus on this band called AstorVoltaires. For those folks who are already a fan of the band, this second release from the band won't offer any surprises as it is just more of the same really but that is not so bad if you like the blend of doom metal, post-rock and melodic death metal. So similar is this album compared to the first that I on first spin, I thought I had put on the début album instead of this one. Not only does this album sound remarkably similar to the first album, it also doesn't sound like any progression has been made at all but is that a problem? Well the answer is not really, this is still a very solid dose of melodic doom.

    This album takes some time finding its feet. The opening track 'Rosas y Fuego' never quite gets off the ground throughout its six minutes and it is not till halfway through the album that the real meat of the album is unleashed. That is not to say the first half is weak, far from it. There are crushing riffs and a brooding kind of atmosphere which does have a hypnotic quality that keeps you interested but there is something about this album that is playing it safe. This album doesn't pound, hit or crush the eardrums because it just kind of drifts along despite a lot of mid-tempos. The guitar has a warm, rich tone to it and there are nice instrumental touches via the use of keys and some female vocals. The main vocals on the other hand didn't sit too well with me. Most of the time Escobar's vocals seem unnatural and forced like he is trying a bit too hard. He has variation in his vocal approach and thank god because too much of his in-your-face growl would certainly kill a lot of the enjoyment these songs have to offer.

    The albums real saving grace is it doesn't stick too much to the usual formulaic doom metal style and the little variations along the way whether it be the three or four different vocal styles or the use of subtle but always interesting instrumentation means that it is an easy hour or so to sit through. One thing that is great about this musician is he is consistently good and this is another above-average doom release but if you want to hear a band taking chances and experimenting, you won't hear it on 'BlackTombsForDeadSongs.' Predictable but solid, this album should please the average doom metal fan.....7.5/10.

    Words: Doommaniac


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    "Path Of Doom", the new video from the Texas occult metal band VENOMOUS MAXIMUS, can be seen below.

    In other news, VENOMOUS MAXIMUS has been hand-picked by New Orleans metal titans DOWN to support the band for a string of live dates on its upcoming U.S. tour. The details are as follows:

    Jan. 26 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall
    Jan. 28 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
    Jan. 29 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
    Jan. 30 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
    Feb. 01 - Chattanooga, TN - Track 29

    "Path Of Doom" comes off VENOMOUS MAXIMUS' new album, "Beg Upon The Light", which has just been released via Occulture Records. The CD was recorded at Origin Sound in Houston with a headspace described as "somewhere between a Alejandro Jodorowsky film and a New Orleans voodoo den."

    "Beg Upon The Light"'s striking cover art was designed by artist Dann Miller and builds on the band's ever-evolving thematic that involves, among other things, magic, alchemy, extra-sensory perception and astrology; wide-eyed themes that lay "on the outermost fringe of accepted forms of knowledge and discourse."

    VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is one of the most successful metal bands to emerge from Houston in years, beloved of headbangers and headbanging blogs from across the U.S. and points beyond (maybe even astronauts). Since its formation in 2010, the group has become the go-to metal band in the country's third-largest city, winning back-to-back titles at the Houston Press Music Awards as the Space City's "Best Metal Band" and has shared the stage with MASTODON, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS, THE SWORD, GRAVEYARD and more.

    "Beg Upon The Light" track listing:

    01. Funeral Queen
    02. Path Of Doom
    03. Give Up The Witch
    04. Father Time
    05. Dream Again (Hellenbach)
    06. Moonchild
    07. Battle for the Cross
    08. Venomous Maximus
    09. Mother's Milk
    10. Hell's Heroes

    VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is Gregg Higgins (vocals, guitar), Christian Larson (guitar), Trevi Biles (bass) and Bongo (drums).

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    Five years after the oppressive and bleak "A Disease For The Ages", Irish death/doom metal band MOURNING BELOVETH returns with its new album, "Formless", on February 22 via Grau Music. The CD will be released as a double-CD and double-LP.

    Recorded with Chris Fielding in Foel Studios, "Formless" "sees the band return on top of their game," according to a press release. "The organic, heavy production lends an almost eerie calm to proceedings and yet has some of the bleakest acoustic passages ever heard. From the haunting opener, 'Theories Of Old Bones', through the epic 'Ethics On The Precipice' to the five-minute bile-filled 'Old Rope', MOURNING BELOVETH definitely know their strengths but this time round have worked on their weaknesses and in so doing have created an album that is challenging and yet remains forever rooted in the doom/death genre. Lyrically dealing with the inner turmoil each and every one of us go through, dealing with a world of poison, insanity and nightmares, and yet scrapes at the surface of reality, a reality that nobody is sure of anymore. It is a journey from the cold sweating centre of the skull to the scratching edges of a murky world where every human element is boiled away. A world where nobody seems to listen anymore, where all we seem to live for is pleasure, where all we will be remembered for is what we destroyed. These are brutal times."

    "Formless" track listing:

    Disc 1

    01. Theories of Old Bones
    02. Ethics on the Precipice
    03. Old Rope
    04. Dead Channel
    05. Nothing Has a Centre

    Disc 2

    01. Transmissions

    "Formless" marks the recording debut of new MOURNING BELOVETH guitarist Pauric.

    MOURNING BELOVETH will perform its 2002 album, "The Sullen Sulcus", in its entirety at this year's edition of the Roadburn festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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    Now when everyone’s talking about best doom release of 2013 do not forget about Finnish doom metal act Fall of the Idols. I Hate Records released their third full-length album “Solemn Verses” in October 2012 and this outstanding stuff is on par with strongest doom-releases of last year, Fall of the Idols did surpass their previous works “The Womb Of The Earth” and “The Séance” and six songs which were included in the album are solid monuments of crushing, epic and mournful traditional doom metal. Jyrki Hakomaki (vocals) and Vesa Karppinen (bass) are here to reveal their secrets of forging great riffs and beautiful dirges.

    Good day men! How are you? Don’t you mind if we start with questions about band’s name? I think that it was a kind of trend for some period – to ask any band who and how did figure out a name but I didn’t ask it for a long time, really.

    Vesa: When we picked the name I had a whole list of band names and Fall of the Idols was a name us the founding members (myself, Jyrki and Tommi) could agree on. It was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche.

    “Fall of the Idols was formed by members of punk / metal band Adder” as metal-archives prompt me, how was it to change your musical direction?

    Vesa: There wasn't any big concious effort to change direction - Adder was crippled by attitude and substance abuse issues of one (now deceased) member and when the rest of us decided to carry on in guise of another band we decided to focus on elements we found interesting and thought worked best.

    Jyrki: The problem with Adder was that this now deceased member, Peter, was very despotic by nature; it seemed like his ideas were the only ones worthy of composing. Perhaps the biggest issue with Peter was his impatience---everything had to be ready on a silver platter when he came to ‘do his thing’…in overall he was disillusioned by some sort of grandeur of his own excellence and the rest of us were crud. So...Off-topic…we decided to put his speech on the album; one can hear him curse the audience during the middle part of the song “Cycle Of The Fallen”.

    Vesa: As difficult being in band with him was, Peter was the one who dragged me into this business by introducing me to Black Sabbath and enticing me to start to play bass. 

    Men you play doom metal since 2000, how do the band’s sound and conception change from one release to another?

    Vesa: I wouldn't call first recordings we did pure doom - the early stuff was really off the wall stuff, unfocused and hyperactive. But as time passed we became more focused, new members joined the band, the music took leaps and bounds towards its current form by each consecutive demo. By late 2004 all the elements were on their place on Agonies Be Thy Children demo.

    Jyrki: There were some great sounds made by accident on some of those early recordings, but no…it wasn’t doom. And I think that we still haven’t found the essence of doom as it could be portrayed by us. Vision of a song seems to change quite a lot along the process or processes---I think the problem is that we don’t record our songs live, but each instrument individually…

    Let me disagree with you for “Solemn Verses” album sounds as example of pure and qualitative traditional – quiet epic – doom metal. Yes, there’re some influences but there’s also unique touch of Fall of the Idols – great tunes, very good vocal lines, the stuff is doomy yet there’s also some diversity. I thought that you know it without any comments. But can you honestly say how much of different influences from other bands do you see in this record?

    Vesa: To me, some of Jyrkis vocal arrangements bear clear Dead Can Dance influence. What I think Jyrki tried to say that we haven't portrayed our vision of ultimate doom yet - we haven't quite reached the bottom so to speak. Solemn Verses certainly is a doom metal album, but is it the purest "doom metal as Fall of the Idols it envisions" album, I do not know.
    Jyrki: Yes. I like the way DCD compose their songs and boldly I’ve taken some ideas from DCD here and there and transferred them to FotI, because I really believe that a good choir or chant belongs to epic doom; “Hymn” is a great example of this melting pot of such ideas. When it comes to screaming I’m tempted to say there’s some Today Is The Day –type of activity involved but only to a certain extent; the vocals haven’t been ‘burned’ with distortion.

    And what did you achieve with such monumental new release as “Solemn Verses” is?

    Jyrki: Not much. Everything. Why everything? Because we’re living the final moments of this band and seems that this doom n’ gloom some of us are going through is getting worse, so it is in some way understandable to get those peak moments of this negative energy into a recording before the grave boogie. And day by day I’m getting more and more convinced that like attracts like; positive people usually walk away from this kind of music. Perhaps I’m just experiencing the Onion Peelings…(meaning that famous game of “he/she loves me/not”)

    You’re saying that you did live the whole album through you, aren’t you? I see but look – lyrics of “Solemn Verses” is quiet abstract and mostly based onto themes of human stupidity in a face of religion and vanity of our existence as it ends with death. Did I get you right?

    Jyrki: I’m just little bit eased, that we finally got this album released…but yes I must admit I’ve listened to it many, many times in various places and situations—but that’s because I mixed the album. To me there are some flaws present in this record, but I can live with them. What comes to lyrics, well…in general your interpretation is correct, BUT there is also this underlying theme what it is to be a human being in 21st century and has our existence changed at all compared to our ancestors. The lyrics in “Solemn Verses” are more like a cold debate of values and trends; it’s not just slandering the religion and morals, but also science and rationality, since human being is not yet capable of such detachment from itself. We are not cyborgs—yet!   There are also various themes hidden in single keywords or catchphrases, such as ‘flexploited’ or ‘never cry, always provide’—for example, some of the words or catchphrases have a certain historical undertone to them that, once understood, may change the interpretation of the listener. I became obsessed with the idea of compressing the lyrical content into a single word (or a catchphrase!!!) when we were doing “The Séance” and still I’m fascinated by it…

    “Solemn Verses” was released by I Hate Records in October 2012 and I’m bloody happy to get it for review because I’ve already thought that we’re finishing this year with two “best releases 2012” – The Wandering Midget and Bloody Hammers. Yet your album gets straight into this power doom trio! How much time did you spent on whole process of creating the album?

    Vesa: Timespan from the moment we started to record the album to release date was almost exactly 3 years. Basic drum- bass- and guitar tracks were recorded back in late 2009, early 2010. So it took a very long time to finish the album. The music was composed between 2008 and 2009 and crafting the lyrical content continued onto late 2011 or so. The death of our drummer Hannu in June 2011 made us to take a brief time-out but we were determined to carry on and finish the album.

     Jyrki: Blame me this recording took so long---crippling depression is my excuse.

     It’s said that the album cover was initially intended to continue with the “forest” theme of the last two albums with green as dominant color and be done by Sami Hynninen. Yet this idea didn’t work – why? And why did you want to unite few of your albums with that motive?

    Vesa: Sami was too busy with his own projects and we really didn't want to delay the release of the album any further. At least the colour theme we had planned for the album remained - our debut had red theme, second one had blue, so green-ish theme was the natural choice. Elaine, who did a remarkable job by the way, was then was assigned to the task had done the artwork for our split 12" with Forsaken so in a way it was kept with "the family".

    Why did you want to keep similar conception for these albums? True to say I see no any objective connection between art-works of “The Womb of the Nature”, “Seance” and “Solemn Verses”.

    Vesa: I like symmetry - having an idea clearly defined series of albums has always intrigued me. Tree trunks appear on both The Womb... and The Séance artwork, so there is a vague connection/continuation.

    May you name a song from “Solemn Verses” which does better reflect band’s soul?

    Vesa: Cycle of the Fallen.

    Jyrki: I agree with Vesa. Cycle of the Fallen it is.

    Vesa: One could say it is the story of this band.

    But why?..

    Vesa: It's in the lyrics man!

    Jyrki: I simply like the atmosphere of that song.

    You have “The New Crusade” song onto the album, it differs from other songs of “Solemn Verses”, how did you figure out such untypical composition?

    Vesa: Originally there were two rough song ideas, one by Rami and one by Hannu. I got the idea of combining them and that is how it came about. It certainly is a bit different but clearly it is also a song by Fall of the Idols. I have to confess that I have a habit of using the song structure of Black Sabbath's Iron Man and perhaps it was a concious effort to come up with something different.
    Jyrki: The lyrics differ a lot from the rest of the album, because it’s a critique on the value and concept of labour and plain, simple-minded Social Darwinism disguised in the concept of Homo Economicus. I say that this theme will be continued somehow on the 4th album.

    “Solemn Verses” is bloody strong and catchy album, I’m feeling not that it’s right situation but I would compare this work with best of Officium Triste, Cathedral and Mirror of Deception. What make you proud with this album?

    Jyrki: Perhaps the fact that the songs really resonate with the title of the album in essence and substance; “Solemn Verses” is the quietest FOTI –album.

    Fall of the Idols have two split-albums – one with Forsaken and another one with Spiritus Mortis. How did you find a chance to collaboration with these great bands?
    Vesa: Our tracks which appear on those splits were recorded in the same sessions for a EP release but when that plan fell through I contacted both the guys of Spiritus Mortis with whom we'd played a few times if they'd be interested in making a split release. They were and then I contacted I Hate if they'd be willing to put it out and they were so that's how it happened. After the success of SM/FOTI-split I contacted I Hate would they be interested in another one and they suggested Forsaken to us which was great and that is how Tales of Doom and Woe happened. Both bands are great and I feel honoured that our vinyl appearances take place in such distinguished company. Kudos to the guys of SM, Forsaken and I Hate!

    Vesa, you also play bass in another band Wolfshead, what kind of band is it? What is it current state?

    Vesa: Wolfhead is a band I started with a couple of old buddies of mine and our music is best described as old school heavy/doom metal, drawing influences with equal measure from both doom metal and NWOBHM bands. It's much more "rocking" and stripped to core affair than FotI, but when it comes to my songwriting and approach that hasn't changed a lot. So far we've released one 4-track demo/promo CD, played a couple of gigs and are currently recording an albums worth of material hoping to get a debut album out and playing gigs every now and then. 

    Man, I’ve heard that Fall of the Idols already have totally composed stuff for 4th full-length album, when do you plan to record and release it?

    Vesa: My guess is that the recording sessions will start rather soon, but it is way too early to make any predictions when it would come out. That album will be the final Fall of the Idols album, since Hannu had his hand in creating some of those yet to be released songs and when they're done so are we as a creative force. When it comes to gigs - they're possible some point in the future but there aren't any concrete plans. Recording 4th album first is a priority.
    Jyrki: We’ll start recording the last album at the beginning of the year 2013. It’s too early to say when it will be released. Anything can happen, so…

    Damn, I guess that everything may change in the future, but do you really see no reason to continue compose any new stuff after recording of 4th album. And well as it’s mostly composed can you tell us about it’s content in general terms?

    Jyrki: There are some personal issues that I have to deal with after the recording of our 4th full-length. There are 10-12 songs, enough to pack 2cd’s worth of horror. Maybe a little bit of hope…

    Vesa: As far as I can see it, when the 4th album is done that's it.

    Thank you for this interview men, I only can wish you all the best on your way, good luck!
    Would you like to say few more words for our readers?

    Jyrki: You can get the best out of this album when you listen to it alone -naked- before sleep.

    Interview By Aleks Evdokimov

    I Hate | Bandcamp
    I Hate Records | Official Website

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    A better title could hardly be found for naming the collection of seducing hard sounds in the debut full-length album by Electric Taurus. The Veneralia were the esoteric and libertine feasts devoted to goddes Venus in the Roman Times. And is there anything more esoteric and naughty than old rock of the 60’s and 70’s, space psychedelic, hard blues rock and heavy sabbathian doom? Electric Taurus are a young band from Dublin, Ireland, presently involving Matt Casciani on guitar and vocals, Mauro Frison on drums and, since mid 2011, James Lynch on bass. The band signed a deal with the fine underground Italian label Moonlight Records (you know, Shinin’ Shade, Caronte and several other goodies …). During October 2012 Veneralia saw the light: almost 49 minutes of powerful, sinful, seducing, dirty, achingly fuzzy doom rock deeply inspired by the monster and the underground rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s, heavy and occult doom, grunge, stoner, etc. Here are some names: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Buffalo, Leaf Hound, Iron Claw, Captain Beyond, Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Clutch, Orange Goblin, and so on.

    Veneralia includes 6 substantial tracks, “suites”, ranging between 6 and a half and almost 12 minutes in length. If such length make you scared, don’t worry. The heavy rocking trio in Electric Taurus know how to keep you busy with a vortex of juicy riffs and lots of surprises stemming from their personal elaboration of the Masters’ teaching. The opener “Mountains” will immediately introduce you to a cool feature of the band’s style: the impressive pulsating bass line. I don’t know if it came out by chance or it was done on purpose during mastering/production but in this album the bass line is always rather loud. It seems to be enhanced over the rest, even over the vocal parts. I personally dig this effect quite a lot and I find it effectively imparts a tridimensional effect to the overall sound even if maybe the vocal parts may sound a bit suppressed. However Matt’s gritty voice is powerful and these “imperfections” are cool and retain a retro freshness.

    Going back to the tunes, in this first track and elsewhere the retro rock vibe is always dominant. “Mountains” is rocking hard and doomy as if Witchcraft were going southern. A charming and tricky acoustic inset with strained vocals will eventually give way to some yummi bluesy riffing in the vein of Clutch that will close the ballad. Track “ A New Moon” is a great, Hendrixian, fuzz-laden doom rock track lead by some cool highly distorted riffing.  Really cool!

    “Mescalina/If/At the Edge of the Earth”, the longest track, is one of the most surprising and charming tracks of the album. It features a peculiar, long and dark trippy intro driven by a way charming jazzy bass line with which delicate touches of spacey “noise” interplay and progressively build up while sounds of waves are heard in the background. All this sounds to me like the evocation of a night under the moonshine along a shore with a calm sea populated by mysterious, curious creatures not to be seen. Why the sea? After about 4 minutes of this dark and haunting ambience the time comes for a surge of multifaceted, distorted heavy riffs. After a first serve of “fat”, southern-flavoured rock vibes, these guys will employ their highly distorted and downtuned guitars for knitting some ultra classic, old-style rock’n’roll riffs à-la-Bill Haley, smoothly merging to Witchcraft-like retro-blues occult doom rock, “trve” sabbathian doom, and eventually some retro folk and acoustic psych prog peacefully dying away. This long suite seems like a trip into the sounds of the past from which we all, metallers and rockers, come from. A hommage to the sea of “old” rock in the widest meaning, something essential and “ancestral”, yet in continuous evolution (like the sea) and where, sooner or later, we get back to as it is in our DNA.

    After the atmospheres in “Mescalina/If/At the Edge of the Earth”, let’s go back to the rude rock’n’roll macho men with track “Two Gods/Caput Algol”. The classic testosterone, alcoholic raaaawk onset of this song will be like your dusty boot on the starter pedal of your chopper. There’s nothing to do, with Electric Taurus you’ll end up driving a chrome-plated beast with your big moustache, dusty boots, dark glasses and long hairs in the wind under the heat of the desert. Never mind if there is a pale winter sun outside or you are in the middle of an Irish rainy day! In “Two Gods/Caput Algol” riffs are not too fast but they are boosted, they are catchy yet develop according to interesting patterns. Here as well guitarist and bassist won’t be able to stick to a genre and will soon deviate into different sounds. The excellent drummer will run after them consequently. But there will always be that awesome bass line leading.
    Track “Prelude To The Madness” is another surprising one for its crazy contrasts. The slow, dark, frankly doomy and gruesome start is so cheating! But like with a magic hat, hop, you’ve got some flamboyant Pentagram/Bigelf-styled hippy retro doom rock bursting before plunging back into slow grimness and darkness. And on it goes like in a sickening seesaw until everything gets swirled into a tornado-like space psych jamming backed by an amazing combination of bass plus drumming. There any musician seems to follow apparently independent, braided patterns. Is it total anarchy or total chemistry among these musicians? Well, eventually you’ll find yourself howling together with the guitar like a coyote greeting the moon.

    The last track, “Magic Eye”, is a slab of fuzzy and raw heavy/stoner rock lead, more than ever, by James’ seismic bass line. There might also be touches of enjoyable retro funky vibe, especially at the beginning, where I caught a hint of Calibro 35-like retro sounds. Useless to say, the band will close this kickass track, and their album, by making their guitar howl like Jimmy Page’s … How can you resist?
    Get your Veneralia CD from Electric Taurus’ Bandcamp merch page or from other dealers (e.g., Ozium Records). And play it loud …

    Words: Marilena Moroni



    Electric Taurus - Prelude To Madness

    Electric Taurus – The New Moon

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    Come January 29th, doom metal trio The Gates Of Slumber will offer you their latest piece of work in the form of a new EP entitled, Stormcrow. The 5 song EP was recorded by Sanford Parker and will be released on Scion AV. Dave Quiggle was responsible for the EP cover art.

    Stormcrow EP Tracklist:

    01. Death March
    02. Driven Insane
    03. Sons Of Hades
    04. Dragon Caravan
    05. Of That Which Can Never Be

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    Sound Of Liberation UG in partnership with Greyzone Concerts is proud to present the second edition of DESERTFEST Berlin: the ultimate heavyrock – psycho-doom festival !!!

    3 days of rock mayhem which takes placed between 25th – 27th April 2013 with 30+ performing acts on two stages, visual arts and hippie market…. the full package nested in the beating cultural heart of Berlin: Kreuzberg, in the famous ASTRA KulturHaus.

    So far PENTAGRAM, UNIDA and now WITCHCRAFT have been announced as headliners along with re-union appearances from DOZER & LOWRIDER plus special appearances from the godfathers of DesertRock FATSO JETSON and YAWNING MAN.

    The rest of the so far confirmed line up is as follows:

    Gentleman’s Pistols
    Lecherous Gaze
    Lonely Kamel
    Radio Moscow
    The Shrine

    Early Bird tickets are now sold out, but Weekend Passes are still available for 82.50 Eur, further info on tickets can be found at  more bands are still to be announced over the coming weeks.

    Source: The Sleeping Shaman

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    It doesn’t seem that long ago when SAINT VITUS hit the UK in support of their long awaited album ‘Lillie F-65’ so if you missed them, the wait will soon be over as the band recently announced an extensive European Tour throughout the month of March which also takes in an appearance at Hammerfest in Pwhelli, Wales.

    Tour support comes from MOS GENERATOR and the full schedule is as follows…
    05/03 Köln, Germany @ Luxor
    06/03 Berlin, Germany @ C-club
    07/03 Dresden, Germany @ Beatpol
    08/03 Haarlem, Holland @ Het Patronaat
    09/03 Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie
    10/03 Vosselaar, Belgium @ Biebob
    11/03 Brighton, England @ The Haunt
    12/03 Southampton, England @ The Cellar
    13/03 Birmingham, England @ O2 Academy 2
    14/03 Glasgow, Scotland @ The Cathouse
    15/03 Newcastle, England @ Northumbria Uni
    16/03 Pwhelli, Wales @ Hammerfest
    17/03 London, England @ The Garage
    18/03 Rouen, France @ Le 106
    19/03 Esch-sur-alzette, Luxembourg @ Kulturfabrik
    20/03 Lyon, France @ Le Ninkasi Kao
    21/03 Winterthur, Switzerland @ Salzhaus
    22/03 Wien, Austria @ Szene
    23/03 Bologna, Italy @ Zr
    24/03 Milano, Italy @ The Tunnel
    25/03 Nürnberg, Germany @ Rockfabrik
    26/03 Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Colos-sal
    27/03 Hamburg, Germany @ Logo

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    It is Roadburn‘s great and solemn pleasure to announce the presence of funeral doom stalwarts Mournful Congregation at the 2013 festival on Thursday, April 18 at the 013 venue. Rather than adding sludge elements or vokills like many current funeral doom bands, Australia’s Mournful Congregation are one of the truest and most epic purveyors of classic funeral doom in the vein of Skepticism and Thergothon.

    While operating firmly within funeral doom’s boundaries of tempo and mood, Mournful Congregation create their ominous opuses with pristinely recorded instruments, varied and original vocal styles, and a sense of song craft that extends well beyond the ordinary. Their attention to detail and well-wrought songs are most fully realized on their 2011 release The Book Of Kings, which stands toe to toe with any of the great funeral doom albums ever made.

    Mournful Congregation layer slithery guitar harmonies over sparse drumming, vocalize in whispers, spoken word and male choirs along with doom grunting and weave a variety of clean and acoustic guitar sounds into the dense doomy riffing, creating an atmosphere that is more about the beauty of darkness than the bleakness of despair. Their unique yet classic sounds will be surely be appreciated by the metal cognoscenti at Roadburn 2013.

    Roadburn Festival 2013 will run for four days from Thursday, April 18th to Sunday, April 21st, 2013 (the traditional Afterburner event) at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.
    Source: The Sleeping Shaman

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    Legendary heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH has set "13" as the title of its much-anticipated new album. The group's first LP with Ozzy Osbourne since 1978 will be released in June via Vertigo/Universal Republic in the U.S. and Vertigo in all other territories. The drum tracks on the CD were laid down by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE sticksman Brad Wilk following original drummer Bill Ward's decision to bow out of the reunion.

    Osbourne, Tony Iommi (guitar) and Geezer Butler (bass) recorded the album primarily in Los Angeles with producer Rick Rubin.

    In advance of the CD's release, BLACK SABBATH will head to New Zealand, Australia and Japan for live performances. Additional tour plans will be revealed in the coming months.

    Iommi, Osbourne and Butler discussed their new album in a video interview posted at Asked how Rubin influenced the band's approach to writing together again, Butler explained, "He sat us down, put the first album on and said 'listen to this', imagine it's 1969, you've just done that, what would you do next?"

    Iommi added, "It's taken on the flavor of the old stuff in the way we put things together, but with a different look on it."

    Back in August, Butler said SABBATH had recorded 15 tracks, with 12 making the final cut, including a song entitled "God Is Dead".

    Ward in May 2012 announced again that he was declining to join his former bandmates for its scheduled 2012 dates, as well as the recording of a new album, due to a contractual dispute.

    He also allegedly had his lawyers direct SABBATH to remove him from photos of the band posted at the official BLACK SABBATH web site "so as to not give the public the wrong impression about his involvement in the current BLACK SABBATH lineup," according to a statement issued by the band's publicist.

    Butler issued a lengthy retort at his own web site, writing that Ward "hadn't told any one of us he was having contractual problems, and frankly those things are worked out between our representatives, and never between the four of us, let alone in public."

    Until now, Iommi told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that the members of SABBATH stayed friendly even when there were legal or other issues going on. "We've always been talking. We've always been in touch with each other," he said. "There might be a lawsuit in the thing between us, but we still talk to each other like nothing's happened, you know."

    Asked if there is any chance of Ward rejoining the band, Iommi said last October, "We'll always have a heart for Bill, but I think it's gone past that now, because it's gone on so long that I don't see that happening at the moment. Maybe at some point we might [play together again]."

    Iommi, Osbourne and Butler performed live together for the first time in seven years on May 19, 2012, playing an intimate show at the 3,800-person O2 Academy in SABBATH's hometown of Birmingham, England. The show, which served as a warm-up for the group's appearance at the following month's Download festival, was laced with emotion and drama: it was the first live appearance for Iommi since being diagnosed with cancer, and it was the first with stand-in drummer Tommy Clufetos, making the split official between Ward and the rest of SABBATH.

    BLACK SABBATH took part in a photo shoot on November 30, 2012 with famed British photographer/artist Sam Taylor-Wood.

    Source: Blabbermouth.

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  • 01/12/13--19:20: Trees – Sickness In ...
  • Portland (Oregon - USA) has definitely become one of the most prolific and interesting doom scenes around. So many cool heavy bands come from there …Trees band does belong to that scene as well. Trees are a quartet devoted to an obscure, mastodonic, gut-wrenching music style amenable to be tagged as funeral/depressive, blackened drone doom-sludge metal, in the vein of such bands as Corrupted, SunnO))), Khanate, Moss, and so on. Trees’ line-up includes J. Krausbauer on bass, B. Holloway on drums, C. Johnson on guitars and, not least, L. Smith, who is contributing extremely suffering vocal parts, quite different from his performances in the other cool band from Portland he belongs to, Atriarch.

    Trees have been residing in the roster of Crucial Blast since their debut, 2008 EP Light’s Bane. There the second EP too, 2010 Freed of This Flesh, saw the light.  Crucial Blast released Trees’s third album, 2012 EP Sickness In, during 2012 in digital format on Bandcamp. January 2013 will see the release of Sickness In as solid, digipack CD by the label.

    Similarly to the previous releases, Sickness In includes two monumental tracks that will keep what the title promised: you’ll plunge into a state of toxic and foggy darkness, of fierce sickness, a black tunnel along which you’ll proceed with huge difficulty and which has no light at its bottom. This will last for for about 28 minutes unless you are going to unplug your music player and in case you are able to come out of the sick hypnotic state induced by the music …With Trees and their two long tracks, “Cover Your Mouth” and “Perish”, you are going to suffer slowly and drowning into the cacophony of the pitchblack swamp of feedback. Almost solid vibrations of the achingly slow, ultra-distorted mastodonic riffs, L. Smith’s torn and evil invocations and the ritualistic slowness of drums and percussions will emerge from that feedback swamp like greasy bubbles of venomous gases. Yet there is a leading melody, some sort of groove emanating from the riffs, even if such melody tends to be swallowed by the psychotic and rumbling vortex of the drony background noise. When this happens the tracks seem to be governed by improvisation. However our animal mind is able to recognize the dull roars of the distorted doomy riffs as its own atavic language and eventually attention will not be lost in the obscure sonic chaos.
    In such conditions, therefore, the insertion of atmospheric ambience is more than proper.  For their heavy, ritual and minimalistic music Trees guys adopted atmospheric sounds that cope with majesty, like, for example, the peculiar and impressive chant emitted by the Tibetan monks. Such chanting can be caught in the long intro to the second track, “Perish” and represents a further link with band Atriarch and their great latest album.

    In the intro of Perish the echoing Tibetan monk chanting is ghostly and almost irreal, but it is able to stand out over the noise created by the shrieking of the guitars, the low rumbling of the bass and the crushing and reverbered percussions. When those chants vibrate the black tunnel opens up and you are ejected into an airy infinity. But such vertigo is going to last a few moments. Then your mind and your body will be thrown back into the darkness, filth and pain narrated by Trees’ devastating music. If Noothgrush sound as too fast and happy to you, if you live on Corrupted, SunnO))), Khanate, Moss, as well as Stumm, Hell, Monarch, and if you get high on the blackened drone-doom moments in Reclusa (another of the mean Crucial Blast creatures), then get hold of Trees and draw out the suffering of your agony …

    Words by Marilena Moroni

    Trees | Myspace
    Trees | Crucial Blast
    Trees | Bandcamp

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    Cult death/doom outfit MORGION has canceled its appearance at this year's edition of the Maryland Deathfest, set to take place May 23-26 at Former Sonar Compound in Baltimore.

    Commented the festival organizers: "We attempted to book [MORGION] again after they had to cancel last year, but long story short, there are still too many roadblocks in the way that will keep them from playing this year. As we already had to move SLEEP to the Sunday show, there will not be another band added in replace of MORGION."

    "God of Death & Decay", which features MORGION's earliest recorded material, the "Rabid Decay" and live rehearsal demos as well as the "Travesty" seven-inch single, was released last year via Dark Descent Records. Cover artwork was done by famed artist Mark Riddick.

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    This year we continue the good tradition of the big New Year doom-quiz, there are only 5 questions for a bunch of good and famous (or not so famous yet) doom bands. What kind of questions do we have today? Mmm… Let us see!

    1. As always we’re starting with general question: What is the latest news from the band and what is it current state and plans for 2013?
    2. Second one is about main hit of the band: Which song does represent the band best? Which one makes you really proud of it?
    3. Striking balance as always: Which doom / metal / rock releases were most significant for you in 2012?
    4. This question is something new for most of our heroes: What is the best present you got at this New Year / Christmas? I was glad that I’m not alone who get socks from grandmother each year. Long live grandma! Thank you!
    5. Well, this question came pretty easy because straight before the New Year came I was enduring worst hangover for 2012. So what was your worst hangover mates? After which drink / substances did you get it and what did you do to reach such amazing results and how you survive it?

    I wonder why so many people who never met me before tell me about their nightmares so let me be honest with you comrades. We were starting with vodka that day (‘cause this is Russia), when all vodka was drunk so I get a bottle of Captain Morgan rum from my store. Captain always calls me to adventures so we were closing to a state which you know from Acid Bath’s song “Cheap Vodka”: “Let start the riot, let start the war! Everybody that you know is a whore!” and so on… When the action began and monkey upon my back did show me shortest way to oblivion I got last trump which I had – a bottle of tequila which no one of us really needed at that moment. After that it was darkness and flashbacks with starting hassle and “call to arms”. I found myself later in my flat laying across the bed with my boots on. Don’t remember details and I guess that I wouldn’t like it anyway – yet thanks to my friends who did “pack” me and deliver me home. So there’s a morale mate: think twice (yes, really – 2 times at least) before you start such a party! Don’t let that bloody monkey to drive you to your Doom and Dishonor! For the more you drink for someone’s health, the sooner you drink for the wake… or something like that.
    But look who came here! Tonight there are Black Pyramid, Eye of Solitude, Gallons of Mud, Iron Void, Nethermost, Northwinds, Stangala, Stonebride, and Without God.

    Black Pyramid (United States, stoner / doom metal)
    Darryl Shepard (guitars, vocals)

    1. We have a brand new album recorded which is being mastered right now. It should be released in the spring on Hydrophonic Records. Hopefully some touring as well in the spring.

    2. I think "Swing the Scimitar", a new song, represents the band the best at this point in time. It's really heavy, it's got a more psychedelic section, the lyrics are cool, and it's long. It sums up the term "psychedelic war metal" perfectly, to me. It's also the song I'm most proud of, and people really seem to dig it live. We've been getting great responses from it.

    3. There was tons of great music in 2012, but I'd have to go with Baroness "Yellow and Green", Pilgrim "Misery Wizard" and Elder "Spires Burn/Release" as three big ones for me. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    4. Gift cards for the supermarket. I was able to do a ton of food shopping!

    5. I've had so many brutal hangovers, mainly from mixing alcohol (beer/wine/Jagermeister/whiskey = BAD IDEA), and they've all blended together. The worst ones are the ones where I have to go to work the next day, I just feel like dying. If possible, I just stay in bed all day and drink as much water as possible, then I usually feel okay by 5 o'clock or so. I'm gettin' old though, so I haven't had one of those in a while now!
    Black Pyramid “Illumination”

    Official Website
    Black Pyramid | Big Cartel

     Eye of Solitude (United Kingdom, death doom)
    Daniel Neagoe (vocals)

    1. Well, we have recorded a brand new EP entitled "The Deceit" which consists in one brand new track, a Shape Of Despair cover (Night's Dew) and Painstained (track featured on our  sold out debut album "The Ghost") Also we are preparing for a few festivals and (hopefully) a surprise gig in Sankt Petersburg,and we cannot be happier !

    2. If i had to pick a personal choice it would be Awoken By Crows. The song has been co-written with our ex guitarist, Tristan Jefferies, a highly valued member of our family. The track represents all about Eye Of Solitude. Despair, grief, negativity and sorrow.

    3. There are quite a few I'd like to mention so here it goes: Ahab, Who Dies in Siberian Slush, Imber Luminis just to mention a few.

    4. Hahaha, I got a "Peter Griffin" t shirt which says: HEAVY DRINKER!

    5. I'm proud Eastern European :D so I drink vodka. I don't really like anything else. And my worst hangover was after 2 and a half bottles of Rasputin. It was awesome hahaha!! So what did I do to get rid of it? finished the second half of the bottle the next morning. Fight fire with fire hahaha!!
    Eye of Solitude “Awoken by Crows”


     Gallons of Mud (Germany, stoner sludge)
    Steve (bass, vocals)

    1. Latest news is that we have finally found a new drummer and already played our first gigs with him and we’re really happy that he’s in the band. His name is Pippo and he is a master of the skins (he is also a kick-ass tattoo artist)! We are also planning some new gigs in early 2013, of which the support gig for ELDER is the most exciting one for us! As we’re now ready to play live again, the next step is to write some new songs and record them, hopefully in the first half of 2013. Maybe it will actually be enough music to finally knock a full-length together! Two of the new songs can already be listened to on youtube from a gig we played in Nürnberg. So if you want to give it a listen and leave a comment, you’re invited to do so! 
    Also, my other band WALL is about to release a full-length album next year in spring on the great german label This Charming Man records, which is also home to KADAVAR and UNION OF SLEEP among others.

    2. Tough one! I think “21 Grammes” is the most representative song, as it combines all elements we want to deliver musically, there’s slow-grinding sludge riffs as well as more rocking, melodic parts, with a mix of clean singing and some screaming.
    I am really proud of all the songs (where’s my ego?), but maybe I’ll chose “Bullhead” here, because it is just kick-ass fun to play live!

    3. I’m really bad at keeping track of release dates, so don’t blame me if I mistake some with 2011? EAGLE TWIN’s The Feather Tipped The Serpents Scale, OBELYSKKH’s White Lightnin’ , BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS’ Negative Black, TORCHE’s Harmonicraft and ELDER’s Spires Burn / Release 12”. Guess these are my highlights as well as some older shit I discovered or even re-discovered!

    4. I really never got that special thing about Christmas. Wanna visit your parents? Wanna wish your friends all the best? Wanna give a gift to someone special? Just do so when you want to!!! Don't wait for a christian holiday to feel obliged to do so! As I agreed with my family and friends on that one, there we’re no presents for me this year!

    5. There were quite a few, so I can’t remember the worst, hahaha. “Best” results are usually achieved when I drink too much different stuff! Normally I’m a beer drinker, so when I start to mix it up with shots and Schnaps it gets really worse! Best day after I can remember was last week, when I was drinking for three days straight! Heavy smoking enhances the effects!  Recovering is surviving, I usually do this by sleeping a lot and drinking gallons of water and mixing some special vitamine cocktails consisting of tomato juice, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. Tastes good and really helps!

    Gallons of Mud “21 Grammes”


    Iron Void (United Kingdom, doom metal)
    Steve Wilson (guitars, vocals)

    1. We are recording our debut full length album in April. We have been writing and rehearsing for that lately, with our new drummer, Damien. We will be playing less live shows until the album is finished but there has been talk of a European tour for this year. We will have more news soon.

    2. Suicide Sorcerer is our most famous song. We usually end shows with it. It's kind of our equivalent to Hopkins The Witchfinder General or Paranoid and everyone knows it, so live I would have to go with that. Plus I wrote it! I think lyrically, Demon Drink is closer to the truth!

    3. I can only speak for myself, as we all like different bands. That said, stand out ones for me
    MORTALICUM – The Endtime Prophecy
    WITCH MOUNTAIN - Cauldron of The Wild
    SAINT VITUS – Lillie f-65
    ARKHAM WITCH – Legions of The Deep
    ALUNAH – White Hoarhound –
    Living Dead At Manchester Morgue, John Carpenter (Halloween 2, Prince of Darkness, Escape From NY) and Zombie Flesh Eaters soundtrack LP's from Death Waltz Recording Co. Check them out!
    And of course, finally re-releasing Spell of Ruin on CD!

    4. If only I got cool presents these days. I got the usual socks and soap! I did get some spending money from my grandmother, which made me feel like a kid again. Haven't bought anything yet though.

    5. The last morning of our trip to Malta Doom Metal Festival in November has to be my personal worst. We decided to follow our post-festival show with Mortalicum by having a few drinks at the Muddy Waters Bar near our hotel. I had a drunken Finnish guy pouring Jack Daniels and coke into my mouth from a jug plus my own normal beer consumption. Quite a bad head the next day! A full English breakfast and plenty of water helped me recover. I almost fell asleep stood up while waiting to check into Valletta airport. Luckily I managed to stay awake!

    Iron Void “Suicide Sorcerer”


     Nethermost (United States, melodic death doom)
    Waldo Rocha (guitars)

    1. The current plans for 2013 are first of all releasing our debut EP "Alpha" through Hypnotic Dirge Records and after that we will be concentrating on recording new tracks. There're a total of 11 new tracks part of what will be our first LP.

    2. The song that really represents Nethermost at the moment would be "Phasing Currents". It has the perfect balance of atmosphere and melody that the band is known for. We are really proud of this piece.

    3. I really enjoyed Daylight Dies' "A Frail Becoming". It is still growing on me as the vocal style/effect they used changed a bit but it is still a great album. The other one I remember is "Dead End Kings" by Katatonia. It has its share of good songs.

    4. I am alive and sharing my world with the people I love, that's the best gift you can receive in life.

    5. Vivid moments of wishing to be dead are flashing in my head with this question. Never underestimate the powers of Tequila, ever. You think you are tough guy until you are there helpless lying on a bed full of puke asking for help thinking the world has conspired against you. The cold sweats, the massive shakes, the painful nausea and the delirious words coming out of your mouth are nothing but the symptom of your own stupidity. You know you deserve to die but death never comes so you must endure the pain and take it like a man feeling miserable while flashbacks are storming your brain like there's no tomorrow. How did I survive, you ask? I didn't. This feeling still haunts my dreams sometimes.

    Nethermost “Phasing Currents”


    Northwinds (France, doom metal / progressive rock)
    Syvain (drum & vocals)

    1. We are working on a new demo " live ritual" featuring both personal compositions and cover songs. The main info is that our new lp/cd "Eternal winter" is totally ready, but I don't think Black Widow will release it soon. To finish we hope to have more live action than in the previous years!

    2. "Great god pan" from the album "Great god pan".

    3. "Winter" from the album Winter.

    4. A lot of records!!! BRAINTICKET's anthology box, PURTENANCE reedition box vinyl, PRESENCE sleeper awakes/live cd...

    5. Won't eat oyster anymore, it will surely kill me for sure!!!!!!

    Northwinds “Great God Pan”


     Stangala (France, doom / stoner metal / celtic folk)
    Steven le Moan (guitars, vocals)

    1. We just released a new video for one of our songs, featuring some old school zombies and stuff. The track is off our first album. As for our future plans, we are currently finalizing the production of a split album with the mighty StoneBirds from Rostrenen. More info very soon.

    2. "Doom Rock Glazik"!!

    3. The new Colour Haze album.

    4. Time spent with my family and friends.

    5. Alcohol always gives me the worst hangovers but I cannot remember one in particular in the past year. My way of surviving such a situation is usually the same though: water, candies and weed!

    Stangala “Doom Rock Glazik”


    Stonebride (Croatia, psychedelic doom / stoner)
    Thee Steps (drums)

    1. We just came back from a mini European tour called X-MAS RIDE, including TRUCKFIGHTERS [swe] and BEEN OBSCENE [at]! We visited Germany and Switzerland. It was a blast of great energy and experience. Packed clubs, nice venues, met bunch of old friends and gained new fans. Especially because we haven't been on the road that much last two years. Life and personal obligations doesn't allow us to tour as much as we would like to.

    2. That's a tough one. We listen to so much different stuff that influence us. I think each of our songs speak for itself and casts a different kind of light on what this band is about and where can it go. Every one of us has personal favourite ones. I think songs like Shadows Like Snakes, Silver Ship, Venomous, Sokushinbutsu, Crimson Tongue, Lowest Supreme, Bending Roads, Mute Heart Rivers, The Amazing Voyagers are the common ground. Wait till you hear what will be our next level, hahahahahaa... Plans for 2013. :  - To release a new EP and a live DVD, maybe even a split release with someone.. Prepare new songs for a third album.. Practice like animals.. Be good to each other and all the people around us.. To have at least 2 tours.... Make an official music video [finally, haahahaa]... To be an opening support for Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Tool, Metallica or The Black Keys [now, that would be something, wouldn't you agree, heheeeeehh..]

    3. Hmmmm.. So many great albums came out in 2012., not just doom metal rock wise..
    But, let me try, in no specific order:
    OM - Advaitic Songs
    GOAT - World Music
    UNSANE -Wreck
    NEUROSIS - Honour Found In Decay
    SOUNDGARDEN - KIng Animal
    DEFTONES - Koi No Yokan
    WOVENHAND - The Laughing Stalk
    MARK LANEGAN - Blues Funeral
    HIGH ON FIRE - De Vermis Mysteriis
    VISION OF DISORDER - The Cursed Remain Cursed

    4. To go out on tour. Celebrate with the band. Enjoy every moment playing. Visiting Berlin for the New Years party. Finding new inspiration to be even better among each other, other people and as a band.

    5. It's really hard to point out just one. Too many times we got drunk and every time we find new ways to survive it, haaahahahaha.
    I can't remember only one that was the worst... Usually we eat soup, drink huge ammount of water and repeating ''never again, never again''.

    Stonebride “Lowest Supreme”

    < a href=""/stonebride

     Without God (Russia, stoner doom metal)
    Anton Brovkin (guitars, vocals)

    1. We are work hardly on our forthcoming album. We have eight killer tracks and have plans to start record sessions this spring. The past year was not very productive because of some private reasons, but I hope we will release second full-length album this year. You can listen two songs from it on our BandCamp right now.

    2. This song isn’t recorded yet, and it’s called “Circus Of Freaks”. We performed it only one time on our last live show, and it will be included to our second full-length. It is fucking great track, really! I have no idea how we could create such a good song  J

    3. You know, I don’t have any passion to listen to all new releases, and I prefer aged music, checked by time J I want to note our friends The Moon Mistress, Sound of Ground and Stoned Jesus – all these guys performed very nice albums last year. Hangman’s Chair released killer album “Hope//Dope//Rope”, that is slow, deep and hard. Latest Dopethrone’s full-length is not bad, if you have appropriate condition, you know what I mean J Bongripper released great live album full of high-quality audio-drugs. And my last discovery – Alunah from UK with their “White Hoarhound”. Nothing special, but very good.

    4. I had a couple of silent days during this New Year holidays and I was able to sleep well. This is great!

    5. Ha-ha! I had hangover a lot of time, and it is hard to say which was the worst. Well… I think it was four years ago, and the story is not very interesting – just a half a liter of whiskey and six or seven beers during the evening. It was a New Year party with my colleagues, and no one could walk the next day including me J I had a headache and nausea two days after that booze.

    Without God “Mushroom Man”


    Interviews By Aleks

    0 0

    This year we continue good tradition of big New Year doom-quiz, there’re only 5 questions for a bunch of good and famous (or not so famous yet) doom bands. What kind of questions do we have today? Mmm… Let us see!

    1. As always we’re starting with general question: What is the latest news from the band and what is it current state and plans for 2013?
    2. Second one is about main hit of the band: Which song does represent the band best? Which one makes you really proud of it?
    3. Striking balance as always: Which doom / metal / rock releases were most significant for you in 2012?
    4. This question is something new for most of our heroes: What is the best present you got at this New Year / Christmas? I was glad that I’m not alone who get socks from grandmother each year. Long live grandma! Thank you!
    5. Well, this question came pretty easy because straight before the New Year came I was enduring worst hangover for 2012. So what was your worst hangover mates? After which drink / substances did you get it and what did you do to reach such amazing results and how you survive it? Preconditions for this question are disclosed in New Year Doom quiz part II.

    Black Salvation, Ego Depths, Fangtooth, Hoopsnake, KYPCK, Ophis, Pallbearer, Sluglord and Void Moon bring the Doom upon us tonight!

    Black Salvation (Germany, doom metal)
    Birger (bass)

    1. Currently we are preparing the recordings for our first full length album. If you have listened to our first EP "Lunia...", you can expect something quite different! In the end of January we are hitting the studio of KADAVAR's drummer Tiger to finally record 7 songs. When everything is done we'll try to find a label to release it and before and afterwards we would be pleased to play as much live shows as possible.

    2. That's a very hard question. If I should choose I'd decide for "Reveal the Night", because it's simply the heaviest song we have and it has a lot of energy. But because all of our songs are so different I can't really tell... I like to get lost while playing "Silent Magic Spring" and I also think the yet untitled new song will make me really proud.

    3. I haven't listened to a lot of 2012 releases, yet and I'm quite sure there are some great records I missed. But nevertheless there are some really nice tunes I listened to. If it comes to what I had spinning the most it's clearly "Lonerism" by Tame Impala. For me the no.1 Album 2012 and also the live gig in Berlin was amazing. Other Releases in no particular order: DeWolff - DeWolff IV, Kadavar - Kadavar, Pallbearer - Sorrow & Extinction, Swans - The Seer, The Ufo Club - s/t. Ah and I forgot to mention "Heat - Old Sparky" in my 2012 list and as I just discovered it and am blown away "The Shrine - Primitive Blast

    4. I've got a cheese slicer looking like an elk from my girlfriend but I think I made the best present myself through buying me a new amp and cabinet.

    5. The worst hangover worth a mention I had was 2008 at the Festung Open Air. I drank cheap vodka all evening and had very intensive talks. The next day my head was exploding and I was vomiting the shit out of me all day long. This happens sometimes and I got used to it, so I have no worries about not surviving it.

    Black Salvation “The Devil sent us an Angel”

    Listen To Black Salvation

    Ego Depths (Canada, funeral doom)
    Stigmatheist (all instruments)

    1. Current state is active of course, full of creative exploration of the new ideas and development of the old ones. I just have finished the long lasted guitar tracking for my upcoming second full-length, now I start to record vocals and so on. Then I will start mixing and probably will finish somewhere along the present year.

    2. Always, the last work you have should make you proud, otherwise what was it done for? In my case they are my two last splits, in particular the latest one with Moscow giants Who Die In Siberian Slush do represent my own band best.

    3. Towards Darkness, Anhedonist, Dead Can Dance and Meshuggah, and it does not matter how paradoxically those names may sound being placed next to each other.

    4. A bottle of  Laphroaig Triple Wood.

    5. Because our brain works quite inefficiently in such moments, then if I mention the particular one - I will lie... because I don't remember well all the details and cannot judge how worst it was comparing to other ones. Then it comes, that the most significant one is the last one, in my case after a NY, the morning after. Lots of different stuff had been consumed, as well as some very special drinks, including the Chinese tincture with a water lizard inside of the bottle alcoholized with a very specific Chinese "moonshine". The taste is horribly specific!!! This shit according to the Chinese belief(s) acts as an exorcist and normalizes the blood pressure... I haven't noticed that, but had problems in the morning, and I believe not only because of that tincture... I've got recovered quickly thanks to the mountain atmosphere and to that little amount of strong beer I took in the morning. However, enjoy responsibly!

    Ego Depths “My Hearse Immortal”


     Fangtooth (Italy, doom)
    Sfack (guitars, vocals)

    1. We are recording our second full length and writing new songs for our third effort! 2012 has been a really hard year for Fangtooth ‘cause I lived in another city, but now I’m back home, full of failure and resentment towards life and ready to play like there’s “no tomorrow” (this is a spoiler)!

    2. Every song has a story and we love every one of them, but if there’s a song I’m really proud of, this is Martyr, ‘cause it’s so fucking epic…I still can’t believe we have written such a good song!!!

    3. Hard to say…I really love “Beyond the boundaries of sin” by Hellwell (Mark Shelton=masterpiece) and “The ninth hour” by  The Hounds of Hasselvander; another album I have literally devoured this year is “Tragic Idol” of the immense Paradise Lost; last but not least, “Lille F-64” by Saint Vitus, a little masterpiece (I want to say to those who criticize the short length of this album that I prefer 34 minutes of Saint Vitus than 0 minutes of Saint Vitus but above all I prefer 34 minutes of Saint Vitus than hours of the 90% of the modern metal bands)

    4. The health and happiness of my family and my friends!

    5. There are so many it’s difficult to choose…one of the worst was during the party to celebrate my degree…I drank 5 liters of beer and two bottles of tequila all by myself, then I fell sitting on the beach and felt life was leaving me…I wanted to go to the hospital because I was too bad, but I was curious to see if I was really going to die! A few hours later my friends found me and took me home, I fell asleep and then in the morning I took a kick boxing match to shake my head and throw up all the alcohol. I vomited fighting like a true warrior!

    Fangtooth “Martyr”


    Hoopsnake (Canada, sludge / doom metal)
    Shane Carmichael (Bass and Vocals)

    1. Hoopsnake had a great year in 2012. We released our debut LP and toured Canada and the USA to support it's sales. Playing at Noctis Fest in Calgary with such bands as, Speedwolf, Venom, and Blood Ceremony was a highlight of 2012. For 2013 we will be continuing to support our LP with more shows in Canada and America while working on new material for our next release, and possible European tour in the years to come.

    2. Weedfiender General, is a song that well represents Hoopsnake. It shares influence from Blues to Black Sabbath and lyrics about Craving the almighty sticky green agent we have all come to love. What more could you ask for in a doom song?

    3.As far as releases that were significant in 2012 nothing really stands out, But seeing Sleep perform Back to Back sets two nights in a row in Seattle was definitely an all time High and a true realization of the power of live music.

    4.Best present this New Year would be the bottle of Jim Beam. It's the only way to make it through the holidays.

    5.Worst Hangover of 2012 came after a Hoopsnake show in Regina Saskatchewan. We decided to eat a bunch of mushrooms right at the end of our set, but to our surprise Exhumed had just finished playing a show next door. They came in to see our set and were blown away, making them decide to treat us to an after ours open bar. The amounts of shots was crippling when mixed with the mushrooms. To say the least in the morning the venue no longer had a balcony and we were dry heaving our way back across the country to get home to BC.

    Hoopsnake - "Live"


    KYPCK (Finland, doom)
    Erkki (vocals)

    1. We did a couple of shows in Finland during Christmas and played the usual crushing gig. We work on our third album slowly, but surely. There are about 6-7 demos ready and we'll probably go into the studio this summer. The album should come by the end of 2013.

    2. There are a few, but I think "Chernaya dyra" remains a focal song for the band, especially live. "Tovarishcham" is another important track from the second album, as it's written for the fans.

    3. Shit... once again I have had too little time to listen to what other people were doing... But I guess if I had to say something, I'd pick the Paradise Lost album.

    4. Heh... Wireless headphones!

    5. Dear lord... Erm... I guess it was the one I had in Italy when we were touring with my other band, Dreamtale. It was the morning after our last show and we were in the airport waiting for our flight home... We had a blast consuming various types of South-European alcohol in the tourbus the night before. I was walking around like a zombie and attracting the attention of airport security and basically everybody else who saw me. All the public announcements seemed to blast through my head like cannon shells... Luckily our bassist took me to the airport bar and after four quick Bacardi Breezers life returned. So, happy new year to all!

    KYPCK "Tovarishcham" (“Comrades”)

    Official Website

    Ophis (Germany, death doom metal)
    Philipp Kruppa (vocals, guitars)

    1. There is a lot of stuff in progress currently, we are drowning in work. You and the readers are the very first to hear: we will re-release the first two records as a 2-CD Boxset with a special artwork and some live-recordings! Release will probably be around April or May. We will also release another split EP in 2013, with a very unusual cover version. There is no release date yet, but we will enter studio end of this month. The name of the other band is still a secret.
    And the most important thing: we are currently deeply into writing-sessions for the third album, which is about 60 % finished. It will still take a while until recording and release, but we are getting closer. It's about fucking time!!!

    2. We are proud of (almost) all our songs, but for me personally, I think it is "The Mirthless".

    3. Concerning Doom Metal, it was the new EVOKEN album. Killer! There were some other cool albums as well, but generally 2012 was a rather weak year for music. At least compared to 2011.

    4. It came from my girlfriend and I am afraid this has to be censored, haha!

    5. I quit drinking and drugs completely some years ago, so no hangovers for me anymore, haha. But I remember back from my days at university, when a friend and I celebrated the passing of his exam. It was only beer and whisky, but enough booze to waste a squadron of Finnish sailors. We got so fucked that I could not leave my bed for 3 days straight. Nothing helped against that hangover, not even painkillers. But you know, "Suffering Is A Virtue", haha.

    Ophis “The Mirthless”

    Official Website

    Pallbearer (United States, doom metal)
    Joseph D. Rowland (bass)

    1. 2013 looks to be our busiest year yet. We're in the middle if tracking a few one-off pieces right now, which will be completed as time allows.
    Also, we are still slowly formulating the second album which will hopefully be recorded in 2013. Our way of writing takes time and slow editing. Apart from that, we'll be playing all over the world and we are looking forward very much to seeing new places and meeting lots of new people along the way.

    2. That's a tough call, but personally Given to the Grave is the one I'm proudest of, and I feel that fans that enjoy that song over some of the more obvious ones are the ones that seem to have a bit more insight into what Pallbearer is about. That said, I'm honored that various people seem to single out each different one as a favorite, which to me makes me feel that there is something for nearly everyone locked into the music somehow.

    3. To be honest I've had minimal interest in newer metal this year, although loved the Pinkish Black S/T most of everything I heard. Also the Samothrace and Anhedonist albums were excellent. I find myself more interested in seeing current bands in the live environment more than new albums. Most of the recorded music I listen to is not modern. Without getting too in depth, I am fairly obsessed with older progressive rock and its offshoots, and that fills much of my listening time.

    4. My father was gracious enough to replace my broken cell phone, apart from that I did not receive many gifts. My girlfriend and I chose to focus on getting gifts for her young daughter rather ourselves this year.

    5. 2012 was a fairly hangover free year for me, rather surprisingly! I'm not recalling anything particularly memorable, which means I had a pretty miraculous near-misses, or have just killed too many braincells to recall!

    Pallbearer “Given to the Grave”


    Slug Lord (Finland, doom stoner)
    P. Saarinen (bass)

    1. We have spent the last year crafting and finalizing new musical conjurations for the current line-up and the recording process of our next release is finally about to start at the beginning of this year. As you may know, our female singer left the band over a year ago and after some contemplating we decided to give our guitarist the change to express himself vocally and just continue the band as a trio. As the result of this reformation, the new material is going to be significantly different with much darker and more crushing, oppressive atmosphere.

    2. Probably the existing songs that represent the current status of the band best are yet to be released. There are, however, couple of raw early versions of these songs in our Bandcamp site, recorded in a single take with one Zoom H2 recorder standing in the middle of our rehearsal room. So I would have to say either of those at the moment. But if I had to choose from the officially released material, I'd say Speeding and Credo, although it is naturally always difficult to say which is the favourite of your children.

    3. I don't tend to actively follow new releases (anymore at least), so I had to really think for a while which of my recent favourites were actually released last year. Although, there was one album that I preordered immediately when it was available, S E I S M I C from the almighty Sons of Otis, one of my favourite bands ever. In addition I really enjoyed Windhand's self-titled debut and the first one of Ufomammut's double release, Oro: Opus Primum. I was expecting a lot from Saint Vitus' and Graveyard's latest releases but unfortunately they were too mediocre to avoid overshadowing of their great earlier work. Oh, and I still haven't heard Psychedelic Pill from Neil Young but I'm eager to, as I've heard a lot of praises for the album.

    4. The good ol' Santa brought me Rocksmith PC game, which has been good fun lately. And also that bottle of whiskey was a nice one...

    5. This is a hard one. There are so many that selecting one especially is an impossible job. Whether it's bloody vomit, paranoia, vomiting on my face lying on my back, sleep paralysis, endless diarrhea, more vomiting... But definitely one of the worst hangovers comes every year in August, after our friend has hosted a private festival to celebrate his birthday in his own ranch in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. Served usually has been Sahti, a Finnish beer-like drink, which tastes like shit (but in a good way!) and loosens your bowels nicely for the upcoming horror. This (un)fortunately has been recently replaced by our other friend's microbrewery products, which I guess can also work pretty much the same way as Sahti does if used extensively. I'm also mentioning this event due to the fact that early line-ups that eventually became Slug Lord was put together because of it and performed there live for the first couple of times!
    ...And for surviving the hangover, that's easy. Just drink some more!

    "Slug Lord “Credo”


     Void Moon (Sweden, doom metal)
    Peter Svensson (bass)

    1. We are just confirmed for the Metal Magic Festival in Denmark in July 2013. We have a live cassette coming out on Burn Records (the label from Felipe of Procession) very soon. We also have a split 12” (of “The Mourning Son” demo and an unreleased track) with the Bottle Doom Lazy Band from France coming out in the near future. Besides that we are currently writing and rehearsing new songs.

    2. I think I would have to say “Cyclops”. It is the one track that contains the most parts but still have a coherent sound. I think you can hear a lot of our different influences in that song so I guess it represents us best. It is a very emotional song and has a bit of personal lyrics for me.

    3. The Candlemass album, since it’s their final album and that signals the end of an era. I very glad that they end with a very good album. I not completely sure that they can stay away from recording forever though… besides Candlemass I really enjoyed the new Manowar (a return to metal) and the new Overkill record. As for more underground stuff I really enjoyed the EP from A Tree of Signs.

    4. Some books, an Alice Cooper biography and a short story collection by Hector Hugh Munro.

    5. Do you mean “ever” or during 2012? I had one of the worst hangovers ever during Headbangers Open Air 2008, I’m pretty sure I drank anything I could find, so “only” alcohol but anybody who’s been really hung-over knows that that’s enough… The secret was arriving at great festival with vast amounts of cheap alcohol, first nights at festivals are the most dangerous. The great thing is that I didn’t learn a thing from that experience…
    Void Moon “Cyclops”

    Official Website

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