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    This late summer, The Jabberwocky Festival in London presents Earth, Electric Wizard, Pissed Jeans, ICEAGE, and more to be announced!

    The Jabberwocky is a newly established two day festival that will be set in the ExCeL Centre, brought to the listeners by ATP, Pitchfork, and Primavera Sound.
    Pricing starts at £35 per day or just £60 for 2 days.

    Tickets will be going on sale tomorrow, link is below.
    Click For More Info & Tickets

    Source + Words: Chylde of Fire

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    Neurot Recordings is pleased to welcome long-running Eugene, Oregon-based doom metal trio, YOB, to their expanding household of eclectic, thought-provoking music. The band -- founding vocalist/guitarist Mike Scheidt, drummer Travis Foster and bassist Aaron Rieseberg -- will release their seventh studio offering this Fall preceded by an appearance at the illustrious Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands in April.

    Comments Scheidt of the recent union, "YOB is very happy to have signed to Neurot for our new album. Travis, Aaron and I agree that Neurosis is the epitome of forward-thinking heavy music, made with zero compromise. Our love for their music is total. Neurot's dedication to putting out uncompromising music is no different. To have this opportunity to put an album out on their label is an honor that runs deep. We cannot wait to share our new music with Neurot and our friends worldwide."

    Neurosis' Steve Von Till notes, "This was meant to be. Neurot has always sought out to work with those who share in the purification of spirit through sound and who harvest their sound from originality and intensity. When I listen to YOB, see them leave it all on the stage, or share a  conversation with them about life,  I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that they embody what Neurot stands for completely and we are so very honored that we get the opportunity to work together with them on their next album."

    Adds Scott Kelly, "YOB, as with all things that actually matter, there is only one. They have built their temple with a foundation concreted in absolute truth. The truth is the riffs, the truth is in the delivery, it's in the unwavering commitment, and in the handshake and the look in their eyes. If you don't know them, then you are fucking up your own lifes' truth. There's is nothing heavier on the face of this earth than this band. The Neurot Family is honored to be a part of legacy of this, the monolithic treasure of sonic achievement that is YOB."

    Further details on YOB's forthcoming new release to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

    "YOB might be one of the best bands in North America," -- Ben Ratliff; New York Times

    Source: Earsplit PR

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  • 02/13/14--10:17: Hymn - "Hymn" ...
  • This morning doom duo Hymn released a two track self titled album. Hailing from Norway(Oslo, the same town as Magister Templi), this two piece juggernaut band consists of drums and guitars. They describes themselves as MEDITATIVE GARGANTUAN RIFF METAL, which is easily the most accurate definition to their sound. Markus and Ole are both talented and know how to distribute a total wall of complete heavy doom.

    Their first track, “Holy Ground” clocks in just over thirteen minutes. Almost like Triptykon but heavier vocals. Throw in some Mournful Congregation instrumentals and you get these guys! Absolutely spaced out to this music, it’s easy to zone out and become one with what Hymn produces.

    From beginning to end on their first song, you just feel a build up from the drums, in harmony with the guitar.  “Holy Ground”, wraps up and transitions very slowly into “Throne” gracefully. “Throne” is just as sludgy, with loud vocals vibrating throughout your speakers and echoing into your mind. It feels like a spiritual trip that you can’t ignore; your heart feels fulfilled.

    Only two songs is not enough, and I am absolutely thrilled to see what else these guys throw at us in the near future!

    Overall Rating: 8.5/10
    Line Up: Markus and Ole
    Record Label: None
    Listen to Hymn here:

    Words: Chylde of Fire

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    No many words needed! It is finally happening and after listening to "Jug Fulla Sun" for the first time in years recently, it made me realize what such a important band, Spirit Caravanactually were and are. Don't miss this tour!

    Words: Ed

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    PRIZEHOG, the massive, mind-bending Portland-by-way-of-the-Bay-Area trio, exists on their own cosmic plane. Combining meditative grooves, punishing sludge, dazzling melodies, ultra-heavy psych, and crunchy riffs aplenty using a baffling and impossibly cryptic calculus, the outfit has created its own bizarro universe of heaviness.

    Re-Unvent the Whool, PRIZEHOG's third full-length release, is a magnificent, powerful LP; a byzantine labyrinth of impenetrable riffs, crushing dirges, heavy hooks, and warped excursions wrapped up in triumphant progressions made complete with downshifted bellows and dark cries; perplexing and mystifying yet grand, spellbinding, enthralling, and uncannily soulful. It's a record full of depth, complexity, power, humor, and beauty. Recorded and mixed by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business, Tool, Russian Circles) at his new Sun Valley studio Sound of Sirens, Re-Unvent the Whool is focused, sophisticated, and masterfully produced to showcase the exquisite but intense interaction within the trio: guitars, synths, and drums push and pull one another as they crunch, crush, whirl, weave, and straight up rock their way through mazes of dynamic and dramatic movements, adding layers upon layers to sculpt mountains of sonic majesty. Pitched-down vocals, at once otherworldly and deeply human, shift between omnipotent bellows, soulful wails, and surprisingly gorgeous chants, elevating the whole enterprise to a whole other level. Re-Unvent the Whool is a truly unique vision of genuine heaviness unlike anything you've heard, and bears an equally unique cover painting by New York artist Chris Jehly.

    Eolian Empire will let PRIZEHOG out of the cages on March 4th via digital download and 180-gram vinyl LP. The street date will be celebrated early at a hometown record release gala on February 28th at Portland's The Know, sharing the stage with Thrones and Polst. PRIZEHOG is also currently scheduling a full US tour for May, with those dates to be released in the coming weeks. Preorders for the album are now live at the Eolian Empire fort HERE

    Review copies of Re-Unvent the Whool and coverage of PRIZEHOG can now be secured via

    PRIZEHOG Live:
    2/28/2014 The Know - Portland, OR - record release show w/ Thrones, Polst

    Re-Unvent the Whool Track Listing:
    1. Paradiggum
    2. Whoady
    3. Shed
    4. Awsme Bube
    5. Irrevelant
    6. Gnumskull, the Ruler

    Official Website
    Eolian Empire | Official
    Eolian Empire | Goods
    Eolian Empire | Facebook

    Source: Earsplit PR

    Posted By Ed

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    New York City-area metal quintet, GREY SKIES FALLEN, is preparing to unveil their mammoth sixth release this Spring, as the final touches are currently being made to The Many Sides of Truth.

    Formed in 1997, GREY SKIES FALLEN has kept a constant flame burning since inception, their brooding and scathing blend of black, death and doom metal continually morphing and evolving. With a revamped lineup since previous releases, the band now prepares to release their most diverse and honed works to date with their sixth official relese, The Many Sides of Truth. The fourth collection of works the band has recorded with Keith Moore at his Audio Playground in Patchogue, New York, The Many Sides of Truth packs a wealth of crushing cross-genre metal dynamics into a thirty-eight minute, zero-filler album, as always self-financed by the band directly. While the band's previous two releases -- 2012's Introspective and 2010's Along Came Life -- were digital-only releases, The Many Sides of Truth will see traditional physical CD and LP pressings. The vinyl release will feature black, colored, splattered, and limited glow-in-the dark versions, and alternate green cover art, with both versions of the cover artwork and layouts having been created by Travis Smith. The album also features the band debuts of guitarist/vocalist Joe Sanci and bassist Tom Anderer.

    Well ahead of its April 29th release date, GREY SKIES FALLEN has made the first single from The Many Sides of Truth, "Of the Ancients," available for streaming on their Soundcloud page RIGHT HERE or LOOK BELOW

    Digital preorders for The Many Sides of Truth are now being accepted at the band's Bandcamp page. Additionally, GREY SKIES FALLEN's previous five albums can be downloaded free of charge at Grey Skies Fallen.Com. Preorders for both versions of The Many Sides of Truth will soon be made available on the website as well.

    Rick Habeeb - guitar, vocals
    Joe Sanci - guitar, vocals
    Tom Anderer - bass
    Craig Rossi - keyboards
    Sal Gregory - drums

    The Many Sides of Truth Track Listing:
    1. Ritual of the Exiter
    2. Unroot Transparent Being
    3. The Flame
    4. Of the Ancients
    5. Isolation Point
    6. End of My Rope
    7. Winter Hand

    Review copies of The Many Sides of Truth will be available in the coming weeks. Upcoming live actions for the band will be announced in the near future as well. For all coverage of GREY SKIES FALLEN contact

    Official Website

    Source: Earsplit PR
    Posted By Ed

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    After three long and torturous years of waiting for a new album Irish doomsters Mourning Beloveth finally saw it fit to bestow upon their fans a new and questionable album. This is by far the bands best produced effort to date as it somewhat breaks the mold of the prior three albums venturing into new and ultimately dull territories.

    The production is solid, slightly better than ‘A Murderous Circus’ and brings out the pain and suffering in every note. The guitars are heavy, monstrous and surprisingly epic. The leads and rhythms are noticeably different from the bands original style all the while staying true to their sound. This is the bands crunchiest CD yet and it doesn’t take away from the long, drawn out dirges that we’re used to.

    The bass is ominous and plodding. It follows the guitars a bit too much however. The drums are even more expressive and help to lay a new foundation for what would have otherwise been a tired formula.

    The vocals range from clean spoken and sung to Darren’s usual growls/shrieks. The cleans are outstanding as Frank really goes above and beyond his typical mid-range wailing to show us that he does in fact have a surprisingly good high range. Darren uses less of his spoken words and more or less goes for his typical growls.

    As the album opens its apparent that this isn’t your typical MB release. The newest addition to the band has certainly added a new dimension. This album, like all their albums, is faster than the last, in saying that, it’s still very much a doom/death album.

    This album is more angry with less emphasis on the sorrow. That's not a bad thing but this album does get boring quickly. For all its good points the song writing is very stagnant and really doesn't go anywhere. Had there been better song writing this album could've been their best as their hearts were clearly in the right place when recording this. This isn't some sophomoric attempt at darkness but ultimately falls well below the mark. This gets a 4.5/10. Probably worth it for die hard fans only.

    Words: Grimm Doom

    Official Website

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    What inspires the band-are you interested in magical and occult subjects?

    We don’t consider Mountain Witch an occult band. We may use imagery drawn from the world of the „hidden" but other than that it’s just a theme to play with. I hope we don’t disappoint anyone now.
    We’re a heavy rock/ doom band that likes a tad of psychedelics.That’s about it. I have a couple of books about 70s Exploitation movies, Roggmann is developing a fantasy tabletop game with a friend and Tobert just recently discovered the charm of playing Magic cards. That’s how deep we are into the occult. My teens were connected with underground black metal music so maybe this somehow still channels through. Inspirations are drawn from old music and we like to walk in the woods and watch old Arthouse and Science Fiction movies. We also like art to some extent.

    When was Mountain Witch formed?

    Mr. Roggmann and I formed the band in 2008. I was a bad guitar player and he had a small jazz kit. We played as a duo for quite some time and later on we added a bass player that has been replaced by Tobert Knopp since 2011. In these early days we recorded „Scythe & Dead Horse“ LP which we consider a demo nowadays and the self titled ep which gave us a lot of you-tube plays. In the beginning we wanted to be just slow and heavy.

    What is the stoner/doom scene like currently in Germany?

    There’s a couple of bands around that make good music. Does Kadavar need any introduction? Probally a lot of you guys also have heard of Obelyskkh? Like the fact Thorsten and his boys is going to play Roadburn this year. I’m not a big scene guy but i would like to mention a few bands either because they are friends or i like their music: Heat from Berlin, Orcus Chylde from Aschaffenburg, Shakhtyor & The Moth & Rodha Hamburg gang. Watch out for Black Salvation, Wucan and Travelin Jack. Not to speak of the wall shaking band that is Black Shape of Nexus.

    Whom are some of your favorite bands, Rene?

    We are all into lot’s of different styles. There is only good or bad music. I enjoy SubRosa, Boards of Canada, Pentagram, Uncle Acid, Ash Borer, Bo Hansson, Mort Garson, Godspeed and so on.. Roggmann enjoys Manilla Road, Legend and other proto metal at the moment. Tobert is always into something but was lately hooked by Bosnian Rainbows and by the latest Motorpsycho record.

    Any live dates planned for the year?

    Yes! We will play live for the first time since 3 years. We’ll do 6 dates in march and another one in april. We get asked to play a lot of times but most of the time i have to decline it because our bassplayer is in another band that is way bigger and he earns his money with them so it’s not always possible. I also have a job that demands me on weekends. We recently got added to KKT Booking and when time allows we’d love to do shows.

    What are you doing when not recording or practicing?

    Sharing time with my girlfriend, Tobert spends time with his girlfriend and his two kids, Roggmann will become father in may and besides that we like to hike, read, watch movies and hang out with friends.

    What lies in the band's future?

    Only future can tell i guess. We will write new songs, go out and play some concerts. Besides that we will do a collaboration with Münster based KOLOSS Skateboards, release a new 7“ soon and when time is right and the songs are good we will enter the studio again.

    Thanks for the interview John. We want to say thank you to all friends, Christian Smukal and Martin from Rückkopplung Vintage Music Store/ Rental Hamburg, Chris and ThisCharmingMan Records, Hauke Albrecht for making the record what it is, Emil Ahlman for the Artwork, Etnies and Cole Mathews from Element who hooked us up with some nice shoes and clothing.

    Best - Rene Sitte (guitar player)

    Interview By John Wisniewski


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    This is part eleven of a thirteen part series....

    The Devil Rides Out (also known as The Devil’s Bride) has often been called the best film ever released by Hammer. Given the prestigious history of that studio, that is some compliment. Released in the turbulent year of 1968, The Devil Rides Out is a strange bit of aristocratic adventure set in the English countryside of the 1920s. In this film, the art deco-designed cars are always free of dirt, the manners are impeccable, and the central battle is the classic one between absolute good and absolute evil.

    In many ways, The Devil Rides Out seems outdated, and even in 1968 it was an anachronism. Much of this has to do with the fact that the film is an adaptation of an older novel - Dennis Wheatley’s 1934 potboiler of the same name. In a January 2010 article for the Fortean Times, Wheatley biographer Phil Baker claims that Wheatley “virtually invented the popular image of Satanism in 20th-century Britain.” Wheatley’s reach stretches across Dover too, for his popular depictions of Satanic orgies, secret societies, and high class debauchery lay at the heart of most occult and black magic thrillers. In a sense, without Wheatley there would be no Doomsters At the Drive-In.

    When Wheatley was writing and being read, few could have imagined his eventual legacy. For the most part, Wheatley was considered a hack who popularized a very surface-level understanding of the occult. For the more politically-minded, Wheatley was a reactionary wordsmith whose political and black magic thrillers blatantly expressed far right-wing views. In The Devil Rides Out, the Duke De Richleau - Wheatley’s urbane Franco-Russian aristocrat with a deep knowledge of the black and white arts - claims that “Germany did not make the war [World War I]. It came out of Russia.” Later on, Wheatley’s strong anti-Communism and his inveterate hatred of radical causes would only grow stronger, and in most cases Wheatley linked Satanism and Satanic cabals to the causes of Communism and even trade unionism.

    While his later works mostly approached the Left from the perspective of the conservative right (i.e., the philosophy that champions private property, free market enterprise, and a strong national defense), The Devil Rides Out contains disturbing ties to the revolutionary right of the interwar period. For starters, the novel was serialized in the Daily Mail on Halloween. Nowadays, the Daily Mail mostly represents the standard opinions and attitudes of the Conservative Party, but in the 1930s, the newspaper then owned by Lord Rothermere was extraordinarily sympathetic to the fascists in both Europe and the U.K. Rothermere even went so far as to publish his own editorial entitled “Hurrah for the Blackshirts.”

    For a time, Wheatley was also sympathetic to the far right, and some of this sympathy found its way into The Devil Rides Out. Besides De Richleau’s exoneration of Germany, the book also gives the Aleister Crowley-like Mocata and his followers an end goal of a worldwide war. Wheatley, the Daily Mail, and Mosley’s blackshirts were against another war with Germany, so it is only fitting that only the Devil worshippers want war. In an odd moment in the novel, after De Richleau and Rex van Ryn have saved their Jewish friend Simon Aron from the clutches of the “Goat of Mendes,” De Richleau places a golden swastika around the neck of Aron for protection. The Duke calls it “the oldest symbol of wisdom and right thinking in the world...”

    “Blackshirts” were the colloquial term for the Italian followers of Benito Mussolini and the British followers of Oswald Mosley

    Obviously, being a post-World War II production, Hammer’s The Devil Rides Out contains none of the original novel’s allusions to fascism or Nazi mysticism. In fact, although the film has the same spirit and moral force as Wheatley’s novel, it nevertheless presents a far more sensitized and whitewashed retelling of the battle between the Duke and Mocata.

    This of course is one of the very few mistakes made by the film’s producers. On the whole, The Devil Rides Out is a near-perfect blockbuster that has in its credits more than a few heavyweight names. First of all, the film was directed by Terence Fisher - the man behind such classics as Horror of Dracula and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Fisher was not only the greatest director to ever work with Hammer, but his iconic style and flair for visual storytelling helped to give the famed British studio its own trademark aesthetic.

    Fisher’s Christian iconography is also incredibly important, and almost all of the films that he directed for Hammer somehow involve the triumph of the Christian (and Protestant) cross over diabolism. The Devil Rides Out is no different, and in some ways it is the most bluntly pro-Christian film in Fisher’s entire oeuvre.

    Fisher alone is not responsible for this, for the film’s script also contains numerous references to the power of God over the Devil. Oddly enough, the man who wrote this script was Richard Matheson - the legendary horror author who wrote I Am Legend, A Stir of Echoes, Hell House, and some of the more famous Twilight Zone episodes. With The Devil Rides Out, Matheson’s typically sparse prose style is dispensed with in favor of a melodramatic style that at times feels ripped from a comic strip. One has to stop from cringing a little when Christopher Lee’s De Richleau ends the film by claiming that it is indeed God who must be thanked.

    Casting wise, The Devil Rides Out is almost flawless. Not only does Christopher Lee excel as De Richleau, but Charles Gray plays with the slimy Mocata with a steel-eyed coldness that serves to heighten the character’s infernal intentions. Other great casting picks include Patrick Mower as a far less Semitic Simon Aron and Leone Greene as a far less American Rex van Ryn. The only hiccup in the film’s casting is the French actress Niké Arrighi, who plays the tormented Tanith Carlisle. In the film, Arrighi does somewhat convince the audience of her interior war with Mocata and his Satanic influence, while at the same time her troubled performance turns icy and unbelievable when she tries to show her love for van Ryn. By the film’s end, Tanith becomes God-like, and thus the script’s attempt at humanizing her fizzles out.

    Besides the film’s big names, The Devil Rides Out is also well-known because of its visual effects. In particular, during the scene when an off-screen Mocata attempts to retrieve Tanith and Simon from the home of De Richleau’s niece, the spectral figures of a giant Tarantula and even the Angle of Death appear. Only a salt circle full of white magic incantations keeps these creatures at bay, and so too does a special prayer which not only sends black magic and death back to the original practitioner, but it also can change the course of time.

    In another famous scene, De Richleau and van Ryn, after following a small squad of high-priced cars, stumble upon the major sabbath that occurs every year on the eve of May Day. There, on the same Salisbury Plain that is home to Stonehenge, Mocata and his wine-fueled followers conjure up “the Devil himself” in order to re-baptize Tanith and Simon. The film’s rendering of Satan, which looks quite similar to Baphomet (the horned idol of the Left Hand Path which the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping), has become an underground icon of sorts, and the image can be found in connection with such bands as Electric Wizard and the Canadian hardcore outfit Cursed.

    Frankly, after watching the film again for eighth time or so, I can now fully understand why The Devil Rides Out holds such a sway over the popular imagination. Not only is the film (and the novel) a primer on all the pop beliefs about Satanism, but it is also an almost carefree yarn about high adventure and high stakes. More importantly, the film is about friendship and the lengths to which De Richleau and van Ryn will go to save their friend and former colleague in the Lafayette Escadrille from losing his immortal soul. And although some metalhead viewers will object to the overt Christian imagery in The Devil Rides Out, the film’s charm and stunning visuals cannot be denied. In short, The Devil Rides Out continues the legacy of Dennis Wheatley in that it perpetuates popular conceptions about Satanism and practitioners of the occult. Right or wrong, it is also undeniable that a large segment of the heavy metal community does this as well, and therefore heavy metal and The Devil Rides Out are spiritually linked.

    Words: Benjamin Welton

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    Hadn't heard any/much of these four openers, so this was as much an introductory gig, a chance to be capped by stellar ben wardian type entertainment.

    Kingsnake -

    Caught last of set that began early (really?) as I arrived at 7:53, so that was weird.

    What I heard I liked we enough, was sounding a tad generic to my ears in its simple blues doom/death, but not unfavorable.

    Ancients -

    Fuck yes.  Big surprise.  Beautiful twin guitar work.  Classic metal juxtaposed with that fast shit?  I'd have totes grabbed an album.

    Lazer/Wulf -

    The other surprise of the night.  Not sure what they're doing on this tour..?  These guys were really good at what they do.  I don't know what it is they do.  Sometimes they play just fast evil standard heavy shit.  Then there's the other times.  The tapping times as I like to call them.  The bassist was nuts with this this tapping shit, guitarist to, creating rhythms clanging versus verses soaring.  I can see this working for Tool or Primus tours moreso.  Again, very talented, I just can't groove to what they laying down some of the time.  Pick a genre.  They play the fast stuff well enough.  But the purity of the rhyrhms they unleash by tapping seem to stand out more, to call for more attention.  Honestly, I'd tell the guys to rid the fast shit regular metal and just build songs around the tapping, verses songs that act like they're metal but then have abrupt detours into clangly tool/primus territory.  Pick a genre, then get back to me.

    Holy Grail --

    YEEEEEEEEE How the fuck did that dude hit those notes?  Whoever sings for this band has a really great high pitched voice, way up there, past Halford, maybe even past king diamond, super up there.  Squeals of things metal echoed through and over the classic metal twin guitar harmonizing, the really fast technical riffing, the maniac behind the drums trying to hold the thing together, and that in the pocket finger free bass, which was really fun to watch.  

    Really fun live band.

    And then came Orange Goblin.  I gave Goblin Chris my art therapy drawing I drew for the lads, and he kindly accepted it and said he'd show it to them.  This set tonight was really special.  Scorpionica, Acid Trial, Saruman's Wish, Rage Of Angels, Made Of Rats, Stand For Something, Some You Win, Some You Lose, Round Up The Horses, Your World Will Hate This, Time Travelling Blues, They Come Back, Quincy The Pigboy, close Ride Tide Rising.

    Made of Rats, Time Traveling Blues and Quincy the motherfucking Pigboy were really really tasty, top form tonight.  Was hoping they would have had a copy of the live album released last year, but it was not to be.  Nabbed other merch anyway.  When I closed my eyes for the beautiful intro to time travellin'...I swear I thought it was 1969 and the James gang was on stage.

    Ben was his usual big britishy self, and entertained the masses well in West Chester tonight.

    Saw someone famous, because he had a very fuckable piece of arm candy attached at his arm all night.  Who was that guy?  Why do I know him?  Where have I seen him?  Why was he at my gig?

    Words: Sabbath Jeff

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    In case you been living under a rock, the Doommantia Forum for the past 44 weeks has been the host to one of the most intense album polls. Covering 44 years of music on a year-by-year basis, the members of the forum have voting for what they feel is the best album from each year, starting in 1970 to 2013. You can read the winner list below. The big winners over the past year have been Black Sabbath, High On Fire, Cathedral and Trouble. Starting soon there will be 5 more polls. The first 4 are decade polls, starting with the 1970's through to now. The last one will cover the 2000 to 2013 timeframe. The winners of those 4 polls will go into one mini but very intense poll to finally discover (what you think) is the best album of the last 44 years. OK, here is the winners and don't blame guys did the votes...

    Album Poll Winners ...

    Week 1 - 1970: Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath.
    Week 2 - 1971: Black Sabbath - Master of Reality.
    Week 3 - 1972: Deep Purple - Machine Head
    Week 4 - 1973: Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    Week 5 - 1974: Deep Purple - Burn
    Week 6 - 1975: Black Sabbath - Sabotage
    Week 7 - 1976: Rush - 2112
    Week 8 - 1977: Rainbow - On Stage
    Week 9 - 1978: Judas Priest - Stained Class
    Week 10 - 1979: Motorhead - Overkill
    Week 11 - 1980: Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
    Week 12 - 1981: Black Sabbath - Mob Rules
    Week 13 - 1982: Witchfinder General - Death Penalty
    Week 14 - 1983: Metallica - Kill Em All
    Week 15 - 1984: Trouble - Psalm 9
    Week 16 - 1985: Trouble - The Skull
    Week 17 - 1986: Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
    Week 18 - 1987: Candlemass - Nightfall
                                     Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol
    Week 19 - 1988: Candlemass - Ancient Dreams
    Week 20 - 1989: Black Sabbath - Headless Cross
    Week 21 - 1990: Trouble - Trouble
    Week 22 - 1991: Cathedral - Forest Of Equilibrium
    Week 23 - 1992: Trouble - Manic Frustration
    Week 24 - 1993: Cathedral - The Ethereal Mirror
    Week 25 - 1994: Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley
    Week 26 - 1995: Cathedral - Carnival Bizarre
    Week 27 - 1996: Deep Purple - Purpendicular
    Week 28 - 1997: Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics
    Week 29 - 1998: Sleep - Jerusalem
    Week 30 - 1999: Candlemass - From The 13th Sun
    Week 31 - 2000: Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
    Week 32 - 2001: Church Of Misery - Master Of Brutality
    Week 33 - 2002: High on Fire- Surrounded by Thieves
                                     Reverend Bizarre - In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
    Week 34 - 2003: Place Of Skulls - With Vision
    Week 35 - 2004: Witchcraft - Witchcraft
    Week 36 - 2005: High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings
    Week 37 - 2006: Celtic Frost - Monotheist
    Week 38 - 2007: High On Fire - Death Is This Communion
    Week 39 - 2008: The Wounded Kings - Embrace Of The Narrow House
    Week 40 - 2009: Church Of Misery - Houses Of The Unholy
    Week 41 - 2010: Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones
    Week 42 - 2011: The Gates Of Slumber - The Wretch
    Week 43 - 2012: High On Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
    Week 44 - 2013: Black Sabbath - 13
    Words: Ed
    Polls Created By Tony Cooper
    Visit the Forum HERE

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    The new Blood Farmers full-length CD, Headless Eyes, is now available for pre-order, Shipping March 1. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

    Track listing below.

    1.Gut Shot (6:17)
    2.Headless Eyes (10:49)
    3.The Creeper (4:51)
    4.Thousand-Yard Stare (6:34)
    5.Night Of The Sorcerers (10:15)
    6.The Road Leads To Nowhere (5:59)

    Source: Blood Farmers | Wordpress
    Posted By Ed

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    Long-running Brooklyn sludge rock collective, HULL, in cooperation with the taste-makers at Vice/Noisey, hurl forth a stream of their brand "new" hymn entitled, "Swamp Goat."

    Originally tracked in 2007, "Swamp Goat" laid dormant while the band penned material for their critically-lauded Sole Lord full-length. After a grueling tour schedule and follow-up release, 2011's sprawling Beyond The Lightless Sky full-length, "Swamp Goat" was lost in the caves and forgotten... until now.

    The tune features on the band's forthcoming Legend Of The Swamp Goat seven-inch released TODAY via HULL's own Iron Orchestra Works imprint and Midnight Collective. Bearing the stunning artwork of Nathan Overstrom, the single appears on Side A while an etching occupies Side B. Legend Of The Swamp Goat comes in limited pink, blue, green, and white vinyl.

    Elaborates Noisey, "True to form, this 'new' tune bombards the listener from every angle with clever arrangements and bluesy bluster. 'Swamp Goat' is a hazy, hellbent ride through thickets of distortion and syrupy sludge."

    Turn it up at AT THIS LOCATION

    In related news, HULL will bring their walls of sonic enormity overseas for a stint of live rituals alongside Boston doom rock bringers, Elder. The tour will commence on April 14th, following HULL's previously announced appearance on this year's edition of Roadburn in Tilburg, Holland, and swarm fourteen cities with included performances at Desertfest in Berlin and London. A European-only exclusive sea-foam colored version of the Legend Of The Swamp Goat single will be available throughout the tour.

    HULL European Takeover 2014:
    4/10/2014 Roadburn - Tilburg, NL

    w/ Elder
    4/14/2014 Hafenklang - Hamburg, DE
    4/15/2014 1000fryd - Aalborg, DK
    4/16/2014 Templet - Kopenhagen, DK
    4/17/2014 DNA - Brussels, BE
    4/18/2014 Glazart - Paris, FR
    4/19/2014 Jh't Slot - Hoogstraten, BE
    4/20/2014 Coq d'Or - Otten, CH
    4/21/2014 Muz - Nürnberg, DE
    4/22/2014 Viper Room - Vienna, A
    4/23/2014 Chemiefabrik - Dresden, DE
    4/24/2014 FonoBar - Warsaw, PL
    4/25/2014 Astra, Desertfest 2014 - Berlin, DE
    4/26/2014 MTC - Cologne, DE
    4/27/2014 Desertfest 2014 - London, UK

    HULL materializes as a massive entity storming stages and immersing their audiences in a blanket of grandiose down-tuned compositions. A shifting fault line of decibel heavy harmony, this collective force converges in a collision of thrash, doom, classic rock, and formal orchestral works. HULL commands their listeners through each riff with incredible precision, as a seafarer guides vessels through ominous waters. Submerged in cosmic soundscapes, HULL challenges the mind with flowing, off-time fugues and powerful, dynamic movements. Brace yourself for an onslaught of eruptive force as a new world of music is formed in the deafening clap of thunder that is HULL.

    Purchase the Legend Of The Swamp Goat seven-inch for someone you love today at THIS LOCATION


    Official Website

    Source: Earsplit PR
    Posted By Ed

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    Electric Wizard have reportly finished work on their new album and not only that, the rumors are it is their heaviest piece of work since 'Dopethrone.'

    If even half of that is true, fans of the stoner-doom giants are going to be in for a real  lysergic trip. You can read a new interview here - Its Psychedelic Baby

    Not release date nor a title available as yet but watch this space for more info in the near future....

    Words: Ed

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    Psychedelic blues trio Radio Moscow announced a few days ago that they are now working on their fourth full studio album, “Magical Dirt” which is to be released this May via Alive Naturalsound Records.

    They’ll be hitting the road starting February 18 along the west coast, while playing seven support shows for Pentagram.

    RADIO MOSCOW TOUR DATES (* supporting Pentagram)
    Feb 18 @ Winters Tavern  – Pacifica, CA
    Feb 19 @ The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
    Feb 21 @ The Kremlin – Vancouver, BC
    Feb 22 @ El Corazon – Seattle, WA *
    Feb 23 @ Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR *
    Feb 25 @ DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA *
    Feb 26 @ The Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas , NV *
    Feb 27 @ Sister Bar – Albuquerque, NM *
    Feb 28 @ Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO *
    March 1 @ In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT *
    March 7 @ Til-Two Club – San Diego, CA
    (more dates to be announced soon)

    Their first show will be at the Winters Tavern in Pacifica, CA. “SF Bay folks! We start tour next Tuesday Feb 18 at Winters Tavern in Pacifica. FREE SHOW! Come check out some new jams before the album drops.” – Radio Moscow

    Words: Chylde of Fire

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  • 02/16/14--08:33: Ashes You Leave - Fire ...
  • The fourth installment from this Croatian sextet sees them furthering their development as a prime example of Gothic metal. This release has the bands best production to date as well as the most attitude, but there are some blaring flaws.

    The production is probably on par or slightly better than the album before. The guitars are all around consistent with shades of heavy and light being used equally for the most part (the album does lean towards the more melodic side after all is said and done). Their are some decent leads and even some solos here and there. The bass doesn't do anything world shattering, but the drums are incredibly tight.

    The keyboards are perhaps the most prevalent here than on any prior release. They follow the guitars through much of the music while still maintaining their atmospheric purpose. The violin is a little more adventurous on this album and is in more of a lead role for once.

    The vocals are as stated above, very passionate and overall OK. It seems like on most of this bands albums Dunja is singing above her ability and while some people can get away with this, most can't. It would appear that she had received some kind of training prior to this albums release as there are more overly operatic moments interspersed with noticeably flat notes. Over all, there is a very sensual feel to the vocals that create a more romantic mood.

    Some of the complaints are regarding the vocals. The song 'In Vain' is one where the vocals could have been stepped up, or down perhaps as towards the climax of the song an effect is added to her voice that makes it sound like the mic went awry for a few seconds or that it was missed in editing. Most of the moments in question are within the first few songs on the album. Another issue would be the lack of actual doom. For what little is here it's clear the band was done with the style.

    This band is pretty cool and worth a listen if you're into goth or if your just in mood for something different. This gets a 5.5/10.

    Words: Grimm Doom


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    Announced in mid January, American doomsters Bloody Hammers will be playing their first EU tour. Line up also includes Solstafir, Blood Ceremony, Radio Moscow, The Midnight Ghost Train, Mother of God and more.

    The Freak Valley Festival will be happening from May 29-31 at Weiherdamm 3, Netphen in Siegen.

    Get your tickets HERE

    Words: Chylde of Fire

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    Norwegian doom/hard rock band Dunbarrow released a two track album on February 10 called “When It’s All Over”. 

    Hailing from Trondheim, this four piece band has heavy influences by early doom in the 70’s.

    Their first track, “Madness” has blues and doom fusion instrumentals with Richard’s vocals similar to Witchcraft’s.

    Right after, “Madness” comes “When It’s All Over”. This band reminds me of Mount Salem in that creepy/sinister sense, like a build up to a bad trip.

    Different feel from Dunbarrow though; more nature based over occult.

    Not bad album, would like to hear more from these guys.

    Overall Rating: 6.5-7/10

    Line Up:
    Kenneth Lønning - Guitar
    Sondre Berge - Drums
    Richard Chappell - Bass/Vocals
    Eirik Øvregård – Guitar

    Review By Chylde of Fire


    Listen to “When It’s All Over” HERE

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    OK! The final piece of the puzzle is in place, and we are extremely honored to announce that Chicago doom legends TROUBLE have been added to Days Of The Doomed Fest IV, taking place in Milwaukee, WI on June 20th & 21st at The Metal Grill.

    Since TROUBLE’s acquisition of new lead vocalist Kyle Thomas (Exhorder/Floodgate), as well as new bassist Rob Hultz (Solace/Godspeed), they have been performing to European crowds in support of their 2013 release “The Distortion Field”. Days Of The Doomed Fest IV will be among the first shows to see the band returning to the U.S. market, and we are stoked to have them taking part!

    With the addition of TROUBLE to Days Of The Doomed Fest IV, the line up has been finalized. The billing is as follows:

    Friday, June 20th, 2014 – Doors Open At 3:00 PM
    3:00 – 4:00 Metal DJ
    4:00 – 4:40 Ancient Dreams
    5:00 – 5:40 Stasis
    6:00 – 6:45 Wasted Theory
    7:05 – 7:50 Witchden
    8:10 – 9:00 The Mighty Nimbus
    9:20 – 10:20 Orodruin
    10:40 – 11:40 Blackfinger (featuring former Trouble vocalist Eric Wagner)
    12:00 – 1:00 Las Cruces

    Saturday, June 21st, 2014 – Doors Open At 11:30 AM
    12:00 – 12:40 Flying Medusa
    1:00 – 1:40 Moon Curse
    2:00 – 2:45 Sanctus Bellum
    3:05 – 3:50 Brimstone Coven
    4:10 – 4:55 Spillage (featuring Earthen Grave guitarist Tony Spillman)
    5:15 – 6:00 Stone Magnum
    6:20 – 7:05 Egypt
    7:25 – 8:10 Devil To Pay
    8:30 – 9:15 Beelzefuzz
    9:35 – 10:35 Jex Thoth
    10:55 – 11:55 Age Of Taurus
    12:15 – 1:30 Trouble

    Ticket, Lodging, and Travel info can be found at Days Of The Doomed.Com. Don’t miss out on the biggest doom fest in the Midwest!

    Thanks, everyone! See you all in June!

    Source: The Obelisk
    Posted By Ed

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    This is the story of Ed Gein , the man whose inspiration can be found  in movies like : Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence of the lambs.

    A true sick/horror story released back in 1974! With Roberts Blossom play Ed, Cosette Lee his mother and Micki Moore as the Brunette diva of the film!  This hauntingly scary film chronicles the grisly exploits of a rural necrophiliac and murderer! This is about love and family reaction…Overdosed of love, and act his mother dogma, Ed release his will to kill every woman is dirty…

    A story teller  give us some information about Ed throughout  the movie… This film has some good sick dialogs, blood and necrophiliac worshiping, inner prohibitions, spiritual guidance. It is intense with big scenes! Not too many cameras and angles like the newest horror movies… and Ed house is one of a kind! (sick and spooky).

    So if you are in the mood for something sick enjoy it! One tip for xtra pleasure: put a giant reverb on your dvd player or pc program, and you’ll feel you are the wall who have eyes…you are in a secret spot inside the movie!


    Words: Spiros ‘Treliarhs’

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